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Edge case
Like the [[Vs. Seeker]], the Radar's battery must be charged after use by walking around. It takes 50 steps to fully charge the Poké Radar.
If the wild Pokémon is [[fainting|knocked out]] or {{pkmn2|caught|captured}} in a [[Poké Ball]], a ''chain'' will begin; this is the principle mechanic of the Poké Radar and crucial to increasing the probability of encountering a Shiny Pokémon. When a chain is in progress, the Poké Radar will automatically activate again at the end of the battle, causing up to four more grass patches to shake. Depending on various circumstances, one of these patches may be more likely to contain the same species of [[Pokémon]] as the one just encountered; defeating or catching such a Pokémon will continue to increase the chain by 1. If a wild Pokémon of a different species is encountered, or if a battle ends without defeating or capturing the wild Pokémon, or if a wild Pokémon is encountered outside of the Poké Radar, then the chain will break and the Poké Radar will need to recharge before being used again. A chain can also automatically break if the player uses the Bicycle or Roller Skates, if the player scrolls all shaking grass patches off-screen by moving too far away from them, or an {{pkmn|Egg}} hatches. It is also possible to enter the wrong patch and randomly encounter the same Pokémon as was being chained, but the chain will still break in this case.
Activating the Poké Radar manually in the middle of a chain will not break the chain, and will simply generate up to four new patches of shaking grass, replacing the old ones. This action is known as "resetting" the Radar. It is commonly used when none of the four patches is deemed likely to continue the chain; this determination varies between games.