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The chance that the patch in a ring contains the same species (to continue the chain) depends on the ring. Starting from the closest ring, the chances are 28%, 48%, 68%, and 88%. Catching a Pokémon rather than defeating it will increase these odds by 10% for the patches automatically generated after the battle. There are also two different ways grass patches can shake (roughly, one that shakes vigorously and one that shakes gently); if a chain is started in one type, the chain will only continue in a patch that shakes the same way. Different formations of patches have no apparent bearing on the odds of the chain continuing.<ref>[ Chaining with the PokeRadar, the Correct way -]</ref>
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If the Poké Radar forces a Pokémon to be Shiny due to its increased odds, the game will construct a [[personality value]] that fulfills the Shininess requirement.<ref>[ The Process of PID and IV Creation of Non-Bred Pokemon - Smogon University]</ref> It is possible, although very unlikely, for multiple Shiny patches to appear on one reset.<!-- There's a Smogon link and Youtube video somewhere that shows this, but I can't find it right now...--> Entering a Shiny patch will never break a chain. It is always possible for non-flashing patches to contain a Shiny Pokémon as well due to the normal, completely random chance of a Pokémon being Shiny.
One of the functions of the [[Pokétch]] is to {{DL|Pokétch|Trainer Counter|display the current chain}} and the three best chains made so far. If the current chain disappears when the encounter starts, the chain is considered broken (even if the correct Pokémon is encountered anyway- it is coincidence).
=====Shiny probability=====