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Chesnaught (Pokémon)

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Chesnaught seems to be based on a {{wp|hedgehog}} combined with a matured {{wp|chestnut}}. It may also draw inspiration from "armored" mammals such as {{wp|pangolins}}, {{wp|armadillos}}, and {{wp|glyptodonts}}. Its bulky "armor" is possibly a reference to split apart {{wp|calybium and cupule}}, which are parts that protect the nuts of chestnut trees which split apart when sufficiently ripened. It is also based on {{wp|knight}}s and various types of body {{wp|armor}}, including {{wp|brigandine}}s, {{wp|barbute}}s and modern {{wp|bomb suit}}s. Chesnaught and its pre-evolution may also be based on the {{wp|warrior (character class)|Warrior}} class as most warriors specialize in physical combat and make great use of the most powerful heavy armor.
====Name origin====