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This is a list of all users with Senior Administrator powers on Bulbapedia. This list does not include users higher on the Bulbapedia administrative hierarchy, who all have the powers of the Senior Administrator level in addition to their own.
If in need of a Senior Administrator's assistance, please contact an <font color="#00A000">'''Active'''</font> Senior Administrator for quickest results; all active Senior Administrators generally check messages dailyregularly.
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{{AdminCell|Crystal Talian|&nbsp;|Active|July 4, 2012}}
{{AdminCell|Darkeiya||Hiatus|October 15, 2009}}
{{AdminCell|Dennou Zenshi|&nbsp;|Active|December 14, 2011}}
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{{AdminCell|Force Fire|&nbsp;|Active|December 14, 2011}}
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{{AdminCell|glik|&nbsp;|Active|April 13, 2015}}