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Team Magma Hideout

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Delta Episode
During the [[Delta Episode]], after [[Zinnia]] has destroyed the dimensional shifter controller at the [[Mossdeep Space Center]], she storms the hideout, defeating {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}s on her way to [[Maxie]] to steal his [[Key Stone]]. In Maxie's room, when the player arrives Zinnia has just defeated Maxie, and taken his Key Stone. After she announces her plans to head to the [[Sky Pillar]] to awaken {{p|Rayquaza}} and leaves, Maxie has [[Tabitha]] give the player his [[Cameruptite]].
After receiving the CampruptiteCameruptite from Tabitha, the player receives an Entry Call on their [[PokéNav Plus]] from {{Steven}}, who requests that the player meet him at the [[Mossdeep Space Center]].