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Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

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Available cards
==Available cards==
All cards from the first game can be obtained, including the game-exclusive cards. New to the game is the [[Team Rocket (TCG)|Team Rocket]] set and most cards from the Japanese-exclusive {{TCG|Vending Machine cards}}. Additionally, the 15 cards exclusive to the {{TCG|Intro Pack}} are available as well as 13 more game-exclusive cards (some of which were released in card form around the same time). Only one card from {{TCG|Gym Heroes}} made it into the game, which was {{TCG ID|Gym Heroes|The Rocket's Trap|19}}. Additionally, {{TCG|Neo Genesis}}'s {{TCG ID|Neo Genesis|Recycle Energy|105}} is included.
===Expansion Sets===