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**** This [[Gym]] is also the first one that Ash attempts to challenge in the region.
** Ash receives only one starter Pokémon in the region and fully evolves it.
** Ash is travelling with a companion who wears glasses.
** Ash's female companion does not have a specific goal in mind at the beginning of their {{pkmn|journey}}, but later becomes inspired to pursue a career that focuses more on displaying a Pokémon's style rather than its power: May aims to become a [[Top Coordinator]], and Serena aims to become {{DL|Pokémon Performer|Kalos Queen}}.
*** They were both expected to pursue the same career as one of their parents: May was expected to become a Gym Leader like [[Norman|her father]], and Serena was expected to become a Rhyhorn racer like {{kal|Grace|her mother}}.