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The scene starts out as usual,As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are walking along a road towards the next town., Aa [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|blimp]] flies over them, but it's not any old blimp, it's an extraordinarily large blimp. They follow it to the airstrip where a lot of other people have already gathered around. A man informs to themexplains that the blimp, the Blue May, is like a luxury cruise, and is an impressive two hundred meters in length. The captain then suddenly walks out butand informsasks offor anyanyone personwho withknows somehow knowledgeto ofapply {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}medical treatment., More obviousprompting Ash and thehis group go overfriends to offer helpvolunteer.
They aboardboard the blimp, whichand seemsare introduced to be more like a mansion hall room where Ash is taken. The captain introduces them two women, [[Madison and Alexa]]. {{an|Brock}} gets that love daze again and {{an|Misty}} knocks some sense in him. So onto business, Ash asks them what's wrong. The women explain that theirwhose {{p|Kecleon}}, Greeny and Reddy, (Greenyare is a green Kecleon, Reddy is a purple Kecleon) arebeing rather quite odd. AshThey andreveal the others wonder where they arethemselves, since the Kecleon are not with them. Madison speaks out and the two chameleon Pokémon appear from hiding from a vase next to them. They seemseemingly tired, and lazily hop off the vase to the ground. {{an|Brock}} gives a quick examination and hasthen a solution in a snap. He ruffles through his bag gettinggets out some medicine,. After giving one each to the Kecleon, thenhe provides a piece of home-madehomemade [[Pokémon food]].; Boththis getcombination anrestores immediatetheir resulthealth. ofMeanwhile, being{{TRT}} healthyplans Madisonhijack andthe Alexablimp thankfor themtheir own recreational use, sendingbut bothwhen sometimethey afterwardbreach tothe theircockpit, room.they Theyare seemunable to godrive onit. theAs othera thingsresult, suchthey aschange admiringtheir {{AP|Pikachu}}plan and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}.decide (Brockto buttingloot inthe with {{TP|Brock|Pineco}})blimp.
LaterAs {{TRT}}Ash plotsand onMisty withshow anothertheir slyPokémon TheyMadison seemand toAlexa, wantTeam toRocket hijackfinds theMadison blimpand forAlexa's theirroom ownand recreationalstarts use.rummaging Justthrough thatit, whenwith they{{MTR}} geteventually tofinding the cockpit,women's theyjewelry can'tbox. driveGreeny suddenly snatches it. Awith lessonhis learnedtongue thereand whenkeeps theyit usedin thehis blimpmouth, toprompting Team getRocket to [[Valenciaattack Island]]him. ButHowever, theyboth getGreeny anotherand planReddy escape after an attendant accidentally stumbles upon the scene. Soon, whyAsh's notgroup justlearns swindlethat somethe valuableKecleon stuff?are Theymissing, gowhilst onTeam Rocket disguises themselves as attendants to searchsneak by the blimp.
Ash and Mistythe startothers showingare somewalking moredown Pokémona tometallic Madisonhallway andwhen Alexa.Pikachu Brock almost releases {{TP|Brock|Onix}}, but Misty stops him, obviously it won't benotices a goodred thingzigzag here.shape Teamon Rocket finds Madison and Alexa's room and starts to work their way into findingthe anythingwall. {{MTR}}They hitssearch a jackpotdining hall, findingwhere thePikachu women'snotices jewelryanother Greenyzigzag snatchesthat itis withmoving his tongue and keeps it in his mouthslightly. TeamIt Rocket soon dog-piles him and tries to get the boxturns out. An attendant comes in the room with caviar for the chameleons seeing Team Rocket trying to pry openbe Greeny's mouth. Greeny jumps out during a slight pause and cloaks. Both Kecleon run out but accidentally bump into each other on the way. Team Rocket zips out afterward, leaving the attendantwho confusedflees.
SoonTeam theRocket groupfinds getsa thestorage warningroom thatand thelooks Kecleoninside, arefinding missing,Reddy. asGreeny usual,then Ashruns isby, upfollowed toby the jobgang. Reddy and Greeny both run off and Team Rocket dressesis upforced asto attendantshide themselvesinto toa sneakcrate. byEventually, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} unintentionally gets released, breaking the blimpbox.
Then, Ash's andgroup heads outside the othersblimp walkand downsees aGreeny metallicup hallway,on Pikachuthe noticingballoon. aBrock funnygoes redafter zigzaghim onand gets to the Theyof searchthe outblimp, abut diningGreeny hallcrawls andaway Pikachufrom noticeshis anotherreach. funnyFrustrated, redBrock zigzagjumps onto the balloon itself. Greeny simply continues climbing up, but itTeam movesRocket slightly.catches Pikachusight informsof Ashhim and it runs off. Greeny showseventually himselfstops at a steep part of the blimp, runningwhich makes Team Rocket slip off afterwardthe balloon.
TeamThe Rockettwo findsKecleon asoon storagemeet, climb down, and looksrun ininto therethe airport terminal, findingwith Reddythe group, Madison, and Alexa giving chase. They getsoon Reddydecide to opensplit hisup mouthto butcover it'smore justground. aMeanwhile, med-kit!Greeny Butand closeReddy enough,run Meowthinto startsTeam daydreamingRocket aboutin beinganother "top-cat"storage room. GreenyIn runs by andresponse, they noticestart buttossing soontheir herecontents thein grouptheir approaching.mouths Reddyback and Greenyforth runvery offfast, andwith TeamReddy Rocketending divesup intowith athe cratebox. TheBrock groupalso walksfinds inboth Kecleon, doingand anotherhe skimchases aroundafter thethem room,for Asha sittingwhile onbefore themeeting boxup Teamwith Rocket'sAsh inand Misty. SoonThey theychase seethem theback Kecleonoutside runand byboth againKecleon andget theycornered. runHowever, afterTeam them.Rocket {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}attacks unintentionallybefore getsGreeny released,and breakingReddy thecould boxbe captured.
SoonAsh theysends headout outside{{AP|Bayleef}} theagainst blimp,[[Jessie's seeingArbok]]. GreenyBayleef upmisses onwith the{{m|Vine balloon.Whip}} Brockand goesArbok offcounters beingwith heroic{{m|Headbutt}}. {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} then comes out and goesuses afterits him,own showingHeadbutt offon someArbok. ninja-likeJames movessends out {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, which uses {{m|Razor Leaf}}. HeGreeny getsand toReddy join the topbattle and attemptsdeflects tothe reachleaves Greenywith their tails. Arbok goes for a {{m|Wrap}}, but GreenyReddy crawlsuses slightlya away.{{m|Lick}} Frustratedattack to stop Arbok, Brockwhich jumpsalso ontoreleases the balloonjewelry itselfbox. GreenyMeowth simplygoes climbsafter upit, but TeamPoliwhirl Rocketattacks hashim caughtwith sight{{m|Double ofSlap}}. himVictreebel andmoves runsin, off.but Greeny stops atuses a steepLick partattack on Victreebel. Then, whichboth Kecleon use {{m|Psybeam}} to push the two Pokémon back to their owners. Bayleef next uses another Vine Whip and makestosses Team Rocket slipsout offinto the balloonsky.
The twoblimp Kecleontakes off soon meetafterward and climb down and run into the airport terminal, the group, Madison,heads and Alexa giving the chase. They decideoff to split[[Olivine upCity]] to cover more ground. Meanwhile, Greeny and Reddy run into Team Rocket in another storage room. Just when things seem hopeless, they start tossingfor their contents in their mouths back and forth very fast, Reddy ended up with the box. Team Rocket couldn't tell, but James tries a little explanation, which gets them no where. Brock walks around daydreaming what the reward might be for getting Greeny and Reddy back when suddenly, both of them are right there! He chases after them for a while before meeting up with Ash and Misty. They chase them back outside and both get caught in a barrier of people. Just when all seems to be a perfect ending, Team Rocket busts in to ruin thenext daydestination.
The {{pkmn|battle}} soon starts off, {{AP|Bayleef}} vs. {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}}. Bayleef gets a miss with {{m|Vine Whip}} and Arbok counters with {{m|Headbutt}}, {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} comes out and uses its own Headbutt on Arbok. James sends out {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, as usual it tries to eat him. James tells it to use {{m|Razor Leaf}} and it does so towards them. Greeny and Reddy get into battle and deflects the leaves with their tails. Arbok goes for a {{m|Wrap}}, but Reddy uses a {{m|Lick}} attack to stop Arbok, which also releases the jewelry box. Meowth goes after it, but Poliwhirl slaps it silly with a {{m|DoubleSlap}}. Victreebel moves in but Greeny does a Lick attack on Victreebel and soon both Kecleon use {{m|Psybeam}} to push the two Pokémon back to their owners. Bayleef makes another Vine Whip and tosses them out into the sky. The blimp takes off soon afterward and the group goes off to [[Olivine City]] for their next destination.
==Major events==