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In the anime
|generation={{Gen|IV}}, {{Gen|V}}
|games=[[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Diamond, Pearl]], {{v2|Platinum}}, [[Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions|HeartGold, SoulSilver]], {{2v2|Black|White|2}}, {{pkmn|Masters}}
|gym=Veilstone Gym
Maylene uses {{type|Fighting}} Pokémon in her battles. Trainers who defeat her receive the {{Badge|Cobble}}, {{TM|60|Drain Punch}}, and are able to use {{m|Fly}} outside of battle. In addition, if she is the fourth Gym Leader defeated, all Pokémon up to level 50 will obey their Trainer. Maylene is considered a cute little girl, but adults in the town respect her for her power. Maylene's father gambles at the [[Veilstone Game Corner]]. Maylene apparently does not know her own strength, as she is unsure of how she got to be Gym Leader, and seems rather confused by the whole thing.
Later, in {{v2|Platinum}}, the {{player}} encounters her upon entering {{rt|217|Sinnoh}} where she is apparently {{pkmn|training}} by walking to [[Snowpoint City]]. She does not use {{m|Fly}}—even if she can—so she can train herself. She is also used to the cold, even if she is lightly dressed and barefoot. In Snowpoint's [[Pokémon Center]], she says that she admires [[Candice]] for being so studious and that she will see her later. In the post-game, she can appear at the [[Battleground]], where she and the other Sinnoh Gym Leaders and Trainers can be battled again. After battling her here, she mentions that she believes that being barefoot is healthier than wearing footwear, pointing out that Pokémon go barefoot.
Maylene appears in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} in [[Celadon City]]'s restaurant, having entered what appears to be an eating contest; piles of empty bowls surround her, amazing her onlookers. In addition, she will occasionally participate in the [[Pokéathlon]]'s Supreme Cup in the Power Course with her {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Meditite}}, and {{p|Machoke}}.
{{incomplete|section|needs=Missing quotes; what does she say between giving out the Cobble Badge and TM60 in Platinum, does she have different text if beaten fourth in Diamond/Pearl?}}
;[[Veilstone Gym]]
* Before battle
==In the anime==
[[File:Maylene anime.png|thumb|220px|Maylene in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Maylene debuted in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', where it was revealed that she had been challenged by [[Paul]]Prior to a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} prior toassuming the episode'srole events. {{cat|Paul's Pokémon}} had aof [[typeVeilstone City]] advantage over Maylene's {{type|Fighting}} [[Party|team]],Gym and this, coupled with the fact that Maylene was feeling out of sync with her Pokémon, resulted in an embarrassing match in which she failed to [[Fainting|knock outLeader]] a single one of his Pokémon. After being defeated, Maylene awarded Paul with theand {{BadgeTP|CobbleMaylene|Lucario}}, andwere Paulregarded notedas thatformidable sheopponents wasand thewell-known weakestin [[Gymthe Leader]] he had everVeilstone battledarea. AsHer apromotion result, Maylene lost confidence in herself as ato Gym Leader, awhich positionoccurred thatsix shemonths hadprior onlyto held''[[DP066|Lost forLeader six months. PaulStrategy!]]''s rude remarks, combinedwas withwelcomed how badly Maylene performed duringby the battlecity, caused her {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}} andbut the majority of her {{cat|Gym assistants}} to lose faith in herpressure and feelexpectations concernedled for her. When {{Ash}} challenged her, she declined, muchMaylene to thebecome annoyanceincreasingly of Lucariodistracted.
Maylene debuted in ''Lost Leader Strategy!'', where it was revealed that she had been challenged by [[Paul]] to a [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} prior to the episode's events. {{cat|Paul's Pokémon}} had a [[type]] advantage over Maylene's {{type|Fighting}} [[Party|team]], and this, coupled with the fact that Maylene was feeling out of sync with her Pokémon, resulted in an embarrassing match in which she failed to [[Fainting|knock out]] a single one of his Pokémon. After being defeated, Maylene awarded Paul with the {{Badge|Cobble}}, and Paul noted that she was the weakest [[Gym Leader]] he had ever battled. This, combined with how badly Maylene performed during the battle, caused her Lucario and most of her {{cat|Gym assistants}} to lose faith in her, though mostly out of worry. When {{Ash}} challenged her, she declined, much to the annoyance of Lucario.
[[File:Maylene and Dawn.png|thumb|left|220px|Maylene and Dawn]]
Although Maylene was feeling very sad and discouraged, she discovered a friend in {{an|Dawn}}, who at the time was going through a difficult period on her {{pkmn|journey}} following her losses in the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] of both the {{ci|Hearthome}} and {{to|Solaceon}} [[Pokémon Contest]]s. The two confided in one another and shared their experiences and insecurities, and while doing that, Dawn had the idea of challenging Maylene, thinking thatto a battle betweento themhelp couldher endregain upher helping them overcome their self-confidence issues. Maylene agreed to have a Gym battle with her, which took place in ''[[DP067|Crossing the Battle Line!]]''.
During their battle, Maylene warned her Pokémon to be careful because Dawn's [[Contest Battle]] tactics could distract them. Both Maylene and Dawn were takingtook the battle verymatch seriously, and their efforts were noted by Ash, {{an|Brock}}, [[Reggie]], and [[Connally]]. Eventually, after a fierce battle, Maylene managed to defeat Dawn, regaining trust onin her skills as a Gym Leader. After thatAfterwards, Maylene accepted Ash's challenge, and they faced off in ''[[DP068|A Triple Fighting Chance!]]''. Although the hard-fought battle resulted in a tie, Maylene considered Ash to have battled well enough and she awarded him the {{Cobble Badge|Cobble}}.
Maylene appeared again in ''[[DP069|Enter Galactic!]]'', helpingwhere she helped Ash and {{ashfr}} to stop [[Team Galactic]] from stealing the [[Veilstone City]] Meteorites. The following day, she and Reggie said goodbye to Ash and his friends as they left for [[Pastoria City]].
She also made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of ''[[M13|Zoroark: Master of Illusions]]''.
Maylene is held in high esteem by [[Veilstone City]] and regarded as a "warrior" for her confident spirit. Her athletic skills were showcased in her debut, where she was able to hit her {{TP|Maylene|Lucario}}'s {{m|Aura Sphere}} attacks away. She meditates to improve her concentration during {{pkmn|battle}}. In battle, Maylene has her Pokémon use offense attacks like {{m|Brick Break}} and {{m|Bone Rush}} as the perfect defense against her opponent's tactics. She also uses {{p|Meditite}}'s {{m|Confusion}} and Lucario's {{m|Force Palm}} to inflict [[status condition]]s that leave her opponent vulnerable to a fury of direct hits.
|vajp=Daisuke Sakaguchi
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|desc={{p|Lucario}} first appeared alongside Maylene training during ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', where it was unhappy with Maylene due to her depression from losing against [[Paul]] and, as a result, their bond was extremely strained. However, after defeating [[Dawn's Ambipom]] and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}, Lucario and Maylene were soon back in sync with each other which helped it to defeat {{AP|Staravia}} and {{AP|Chimchar}} and force [[Ash's Buizel]] to a draw during the [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} against {{Ash}}.
Lucario was later used to help protect [[Veilstone City]]'s famous meteorites from being stolen by [[Saturn]] during ''[[DP069|Enter Galactic!]]''.}}
|vajp=Chinami Nishimura
|vaen=Kayzie Rogers
|desc={{p|Meditite}} first appeared in a flashback in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'', where it was used in Maylene's {{pkmn|battle}} against [[Paul]]. As Maylene was out of sync with Meditite, it was easily defeated by {{TP|Paul|Honchkrow}}.
Its first full appearance was during Maylene's [[Gym]] battle against {{an|Dawn}} in ''[[DP067|Crossing the Battle Line!]]''. Unlike the battle against Paul, in this battle Meditite was used to its full potential in this battle, being able to defeat {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} before being knocked out by {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}}'s {{m|Double Hit}}.
It was next used in theher Gym battle against {{Ash}}, where it was able to {{status|Confusion|confuse}} both {{AP|Staravia}} and {{AP|Chimchar}} but was unable to defeat them. It eventually fell to Staravia's newly -learned {{m|Brave Bird}}.
Meditite's known moves are {{m|Detect}}, {{m|Drain Punch}}, {{m|Confusion}}, and {{m|Meditate}}.}}
|vaen=Tom Wayland
|desc={{p|Machoke}} first appeared in ''[[DP066|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'' during the flashback of Maylene's [[Gym]] {{pkmn|battle}} against [[Paul]]. It was called upon second to battle {{TP|Paul|Honchkrow}}, but it was quickly knocked out by {{m|Sky Attack}}. It was not used during the Gym battle against {{an|Dawn}}.
It was the first Pokémon used by Maylene during her Gym battle against {{Ash}}, where it put up a strong defense against his {{AP|Staravia}} despite the [[type]] disadvantage. Despite this however Machoke was still defeated by the Starling Pokémon's combination of {{m|Quick Attack}} and {{m|Aerial Ace}}.
Machoke's known moves are {{m|Dynamic Punch}}, {{m|Brick Break}}, {{m|Cross Chop}}, and {{m|Seismic Toss}}.}}
! style="{{roundytr|5px}};" | Origin
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Japanese
| スモモ ''Sumomo''
|The Japanese nameFrom for the''sumomo'' ({{wp|Prunus salicina|Japanese plum}}.) Aand reference to相撲 ''{{wp|sumo|sumō}} wrestling.''
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| English
| Maylene
|Sounds likeFrom ''melee''. Mayand also derive frompossibly the phrase, "a ''lean'', mean, fighting machine."''
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|French German
|Mélina Hilda
| From ''mêléehiltja'', brawl.(Old High German for battle)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|German Spanish
|Hilda Brega
| From the Germanic root ''hildjobregar'', battle.(to fight)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Italian French
|Marzia Mélina
| From ''marzialemêlée'', martial.(brawl)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Spanish Italian
|Brega Marzia
| From ''bregarmarziale'', to fight.(martial)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Russian Korean
|Мейлин 자두 ''MeilinJadu''
|Transcription ofFrom English자두 name''jadu'' (plum)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
|Korean Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and Mainland China}})
|자두 阿李 ''JaduĀ Lǐ''
|Means From 李 ''plum'' (Direct translation of ''Sumomo''.plum)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Chinese ({{tt|MandarinCantonese|Taiwan and mainlandHong China.Kong}})
| 阿李 ''ĀA Léih''
| From 李 ''sumomoléih''. Refers to ''(plum''.)
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Russian
| Мейлин ''Meilin''
| Transcription of her English name
|- style="background:#FFF;"
| Vietnamese
| Sumomo
| TransliterationTranscription of her Japanese name
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