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When the episode starts {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{Tracey}} are traveling to [[Pallet Town]], they arewith all of them excited to be back,. especiallyTracey Traceyin whoparticular is looking forward to meeting {{an|Professor Oak}} and can'tcannot wait to show him the many sketches he drew as a [[Pokémon watcher]].
When Ash arrives home, Misty and Ash are surprised to see {{an|Brock}} waiting for them in the house. They are confused as to why Brock had left [[Professor Ivy]] back on [[Valencia Island]]. He gives no reason as to why he left and when Ash and Misty mention Professor Ivy, Brock falls to the ground shivering, saying, "Don't mention that name..." ominously. Misty theorizes that she dumped him. [[{{Delia Ketchum|Mrs. Ketchum]]}} arrives home and explains how Brock came here: She and [[Mimey]] found him on the ground in a grassland and took him home once she realizes who he was. Since then Brock has been helping around the house, with Brock fighting over the chores with Mimey.
Whilst discussing dinner, Tracey insists on seeing Professor Oak. Ash is reminded of the [[GS Ball]] and shows Mrs. Ketchum his trophy, which she suggests she could use as a dumbbell.
Ash, {{AP|Pikachu}}, Misty, Tracey and Brock travel to Professor Oak's laboratory with {{TRT}} watching from a distance. Ash is welcomed to the house by his {{AP|Muk}} who is crushing Professor Oak under his weight. Tracey ignores the situation and asks to show Professor Oak his sketches.
Ash hands Professor Oak the GS Ball and he puts it away to examine it later. Professor Oak then shows them around the Laboratory. Tracey sketches every {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} he sees and shows Professor Oak his sketches. As Tracey nervously awaits Oaks approval, though he whispers to Brock that he "hasn't seen all the sketches so far but...". He is interrupted by {{MTR}} activating a circus net that engulfs the Laboratory. Meanwhile {{an|Jigglypuff}} appears and tries to go through the net though it can't.
Inside the net, Team Rocket are in and perform the {{motto}} while doing a circus act. They try to steal Pikachu, but Ash sends out his Muk to attack {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}. Muk ignores the Lickitung and goes on to hug Jessie. James sends out his {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, which again Muk hugs. James tries his luck with {{m|Razor Leaf}} but it "just didn't cut it." as said in the episode. Victreebel tries to swallow Ash's Muk but it uses {{m|Poison Gas}} before it can use {{m|PoisonPowderPoison Powder}}. Lickitung slobbers all over Muk with its tongue but it does nothing.
James commands Victreebel to use {{m|Sleep Powder}} on Muk which works, much to Ash's surprise. Ash switches to {{AP|Squirtle}} and {{AP|Bulbasaur}}. Team Rocket then throws rings around Ash, Misty, Pikachu, Professor Oak, Brock and Tracey which stops them from moving. A [[Team Rocket's mechas|Super Sucker]] then proceeds to suck in every [[Poké Ball]] that are in the Laboratory, including Tracey's Sketchbooks. Meowth asks again why Brock came back, though he doesn't give an answer. The last ball sucked in is the GS Ball, but then a rip in the tent appears, caused by a mysterious man and his {{p|Nidoqueen}}. [[Team Rocket's mechas|The Meowth Balloon]] falls to the ground, releasing every Poké Ball in it.