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* Animator [[Masaaki Iwane|Masāki Iwane]] 岩根正明 [[n:Masaaki Iwane: Pokémon anime originally slated for 18-month run|once stated]] that the series was originally slated for a 1½-year run, which corresponds approximately to the length of the [[Kanto]] region [[S01|saga]] (had it not been delayed due to [[EP038|the Porygon incident]]). Due to its popularity during the run, however, the show was extended and continues to be one of the longest running video game-based anime series.
* During the early episodes of the {{series|original}}, Japanese text was seen quite frequently on signs and buildings as well as objects. This usually resulted in the English dubbed version (and thus, foreign dubs based on it) painting out the text or converting it to English.
** During the Johto saga, the animators acknowledged the practice of painting out the Japanese text in the English dub, so they used made-up symbols slightly similar to the Latin script instead of Japanese text, so it would be universal to all languages and would not have to be edited for the English localization.
** During the {{series|Advanced Generation}} and {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, the animators used a new style of symbols that appear to be blocky letters without a resemblance to any alphabet. However, most of these were still edited out for the English dub until ''[[S09|Pokémon: Battle Frontier]]''.
** From the {{series|Best Wishes}} onwards, a full writing system was specifically created for the anime. This language consists of three different fonts: a font used for titles, big signboards, etc.; other font used as less remarkable text accompanying the title font; and other font used only occasionally as a minor text filler. Each font has 26 unique symbols, and each one of those symbols represents a letter from the modern Latin script.