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Spearow is down, but it's not out and it lets out a loud cry. In the distance, Ash and Pikachu spot a large flock of Spearow emerging from a tree and heading straight towards them. The two decide to make a run for it, and quickly try to get away as the furious flock give chase. Ash promises to protect Pikachu, however Pikachu runs on ahead of Ash which makes it an easy target for Spearow since they don't hesitate in attacking en masse. By the time Ash catches up, Pikachu is very weak and can no longer run, so Ash picks his Pokémon and carries him away. The two come to a fast flowing river and Ash, needing to get away from the still angry Spearow quickly, jumps in and allows himself and Pikachu to be swept away, during which he very nearly becomes lunch for a {{p|Gyarados}}.
Further down the river, where there's no current, {{an|Misty|a young girl}} is enjoying a leisurely fish when the lure starts to react. The girl quickly grabs her rod to reel in what she thinks will be a big one, but instead yanks out Ash and Pikachu. She is disappointed, but then notices Pikachu's condition and tells angrily tells Ash he should never let his Pokémon get into such a bad condition. She tells him that Pikachu needs to get treatment right away explaining that there's a [[Pokémon CentreCenter]] (a medical centrecenter that specialises in healing Pokémon) nearby. As she points out the direction Ash needs to go, he notices the flock of Spearow has caught up. Ash decides to make a getaway on the girl's [[Bicycle|bike]] (putting Pikachu in the basket) despite her protests, promising that he'll eventually give it back much to her anger.
As Ash rides for dear life, a thunderstorm starts. With rain falling and the Spearow flock still on his tail, Ash rides as fast as he can. However the Spearow catch up and start to attack him, and this coupled with the dangerous conditions eventually cause Ash to fly off a small bank crashing to the ground. Lying in the mud, Ash spots Pikachu nearby weaker than ever. Upset that his first day as a Pokémon trainer has turned into such a disaster, Ash tells Pikachu to get inside his Poké Ball as it seems to be the only way he can be safe from the approaching Spearow. Deciding he's done running, Ash stands before the Spearow and announces that he refuses to be beaten by the likes of them if he's going to be a Pokémon Master, vowing to defeat them all. Pikachu sees that Ash is willing to sacrifice himself to save him and, just before the Spearow flock can hit, jumps onto his shoulder then into the air. Pikachu is struck by lightning causing him to let out a massive {{m|Thunder Shock}} which throws Ash back onto the ground.