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Anime evidence
===Lana's hints===
* ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]''
: When Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} are startled by the wild {{p|Bruxish}}, Lana proceeds to laugh a bit at them.
* ''[[SM005|Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!]]''
: Lana proceeds to tell Ash about her dream to go into a water balloon made by {{TP|Lana|Popplio}} and see the bottom of the ocean.
: When [[Harper and Sarah]] ask Lana if Ash is her boyfriend, Lana's entire face turns a bright red.
* ''[[SM016|They Might Not Be Giants!]]''
: When Popplio and {{AP|Rowlet}} both go missing, Lana grabs Ash's arm and drags him alongside her to chase after them.
* ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]''
: When [[Olivia]] bumps into Ash and Lana as the two are heading to the site of the [[Totem Pokémon]], she proceeds to ask them if they're on some sort of date. Lana's face proceeds to turn a bright red.
* ''[[SM040|Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence!]]''
: Ash's encouragement to Lana about mastering a [[Z-Move]] makes her perk up.
* [[SM064]]
: Lana is the first person to support Ash's idea of disguising himself as a {{p|Passimian}}.
: When Lana does the Water-type Z-Move pose as they're leaving school, Ash gives her a compliment that it looks nice.
* ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]''
: After Lana puts on her [[Z-Ring]] and [[Waterium Z]], Ash says it looks great on her.
===Other hints===
* [[SM064]]
: Ash and Lana were playing a game of catch together with Ash's Rowlet.
* [[SM071]]
: Ash and Lana were hanging out together at the beach before the {{p|Dewpider}} appeared.