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List of Key Items in Generation II

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|locgsc=During [[Team Rocket]]'s raid on the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]; taken from the {{tc|Executive|Rocket Executive}} disguised as the Manager after defeating him.
|notes=Not to be confused with the {{color2|000|List of Key Items in Generation III#Basement Key|Basement Key}} in Generation III.
|main=Basement Key
|descgsc=A ticket for the <sc>Magnet Train</sc>.
|locgsc=Received from {{OBP|Copycat|character}} after returning her Lost Item.
|descc=Card to save points.
|locc=[[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]
|main=Blue Card
[[File:Labeled Teru-Sama GoldSilver-KOR.png|thumb|Dummy "Blue Card" ({{k|블루카드}}) in Korean Gold and Silver]]
* In Korean Gold and Silver, [[Teru-sama]] ID 0x74 is labeled "Blue Card" to match the name of the actual Blue Card item ID in {{game|Crystal}} and {{g|Stadium 2}}.
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