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Generation IV
All Berries' growth stats were updated. Almost all Berries were given a greater maximum yield, and many had their growth times changed. Many Berries also received edits to their tree styles, with different palettes used to give the previously identical trees (such as {{b|Razz}} and {{b|Bluk}}) different appearance.
[[File:HGSS Berry Tree.png|left|framethumb|{{b|Wacan}} and {{b|Yache}} plants growing in the Berry Pots]]
[[File:Berry Pot.png|thumb|120px|A Berry Pot with a {{b|Leppa}} plant growing inside]]
Berry care was also updated. Soil moisture is now a gradient, with soil steadily losing moisture every hour. [[Mulch]]es are also introduced that can be added to [[soft soil]] before planting a Berry to affect how the Berry plant grows.
In {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, soft soil can be found in various places around [[Sinnoh]]. The {{DL|Pokétch|Berry Searcher}} app of the [[Pokétch]] can be used to keep track of where mature Berry trees are located in any areas already visited. In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, however, no soft soil exists in the overworld; instead, the [[Key Item]] {{key|IV|[[Berry Pots}}]] have four portable patches of soft soil, so that the player may carry their Berry trees with them anywhere.
====Growth and care====