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<i>Rotom Dex is excited to house-sit while Ash and the professors go shopping. But chaos ensues when a washing machine is mistakenly delivered—and there’s a Wash Rotom inside! Somehow, the Wash Rotom ends up inside Ash’s Pokédex, and Rotom Dex takes its place in the washing machine. After a series of accidental form changes, and even some time spent inside a TV, Rotom Dex yearns to be back inside the comfort of the Pokédex. It finally succeeds, but not for long—after a big shock from Pikachu, Rotom Dex accidentally inhabits the entire Pokémon Center!</i>
<i>There’s big trouble for Rotom Dex when a washing machine is accidentally delivered to Professor Kukui’s house. You see, this washing machine contains a Wash Rotom, and an errant jolt from Pikachu zaps the two Rotom into each other’s devices! Ash can’t figure out why the Rotom inside his Pokédex is suddenly acting strangely, and when the delivery person takes the washing machine away (with Rotom Dex still inside it), Rotom Dex goes on a frantic quest to return to its proper home.</i>