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| {{gameabbrev4|DPPt}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|210|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|212|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|214|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|217|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|220|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|225|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|DP}}, {{rtn|227|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, and {{rtn|228|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Mt. Coronet]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Great Marsh]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Iron Island]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{si|Victory Road}}{{sup/4|Pt}}
| All [[Poké Mart]]s (after obtaining 7 Badges), [[Veilstone Department Store]], [[Celestic Town]] shop (after obtaining 7 Badges)
| {{gameabbrev5|B2W2}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|8|Unova}}{{sup/s|W}} and {{rtn|12|Unova}}, [[Castelia Sewers]]{{sup/s|Sp}}{{sup/s|Su}}, [[Relic Passage]] (×2), [[Chargestone Cave]], [[Mistralton City]], [[Reversal Mountain]], {{rt|13|Unova}}, [[Giant Chasm]], [[Seaside Cave]], [[Victory Road (Black 2 and White 2)|Victory Road]] (×2), , [[Wellspring Cave]], [[Pinwheel Forest]], [[Accumula Town]], [[Big Stadium and Small Court|Small Court]] (for defeating {{tc|Backpacker}} Alexander/Patty)
| All [[Poké Mart]]s (after obtaining 5 Badges), [[Shopping Mall Nine]], [[Hidden Grotto]]es, [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Market}}, {{DL|Join Avenue|Souvenirs|souvenir}})