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Kanto Route 9

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|west=Cerulean City
|east=Route 10
|eastalt=Route 10{{tt|*|Generations I, III, and IIIVII}}
|south=Route 10
'''Route 9''' (Japanese: '''9{{tt|番道路|ばんどうろ}}''' ''Route 9'') is a route in eastern [[Kanto]], connecting [[Cerulean City]] and {{rt|10|Kanto}}.
==Route description==
Heading east from Cerulean, the route quickly utilizes the rocky terrain of the area, hopping down a [[ledge]] and passing a Trainer, making this portion of the route a one way, eastbound only passage. Turning east, the route passes an opening to the south that leads to another Trainer and {{TM|30|Teleport}} in [[Generation I]], or {{TM|40|Aerial Ace}} in [[Generation III]]. Moving away from the passage, Route 9 comes to a four-way intersection. To the north is the one way, westbound only passage that returns to Cerulean and is occupied by two Trainers and a grassy area containing [[wild Pokémon]]. To the south is a long passage that ultimately results in a dead end, containing one Trainer and a {{DL|Status condition healing item|Burn Heal}} in Generation III. The main path of Route 9 takes the east fork.
To the east of two hills connected by ledges, the route turns north into the path of another Trainer. The route also comes to a three-way intersection here, with a fork to the west leading to yet another Trainer and a small patch of grass. Route 9 continues northward, turning east, passing another Trainer and turning south to the northeast of another small hill. After hopping another ledge that makes the passage east of the four-way intersection a one way, eastbound only path (and which utilizes the dead end passage, which is bordered to its north by a ledge for most of its length, as the westbound only path), the path crosses ways with another Trainer as it turns east.
Just east of the Trainer is a pair of ledges that allow Trainers heading west from the [[Rock Tunnel]] to reach the four-way intersection that ultimately leads to Cerulean. Farther east, the route comes to an end at the western extent of a large grassy area, at which the path becomes Route 10.
In [[GenerationGenerations I]], III, and {{gen|VII}}, to get to [[Lavender Town]] and [[Celadon City]], the main{{player}} character would have tomust travel the length ofthrough the route to reach the [[Rock Tunnel]] on {{rt|10|Kanto}}.
{{Itemlist|TM Psychic|In the southwest corner of the route|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display={{TM|30|Teleport}}}}
{{Itemlist|Ether|InOn a tree{{sup/1|RBY}}/rock{{sup/3|FRLG}} in the northwest area of the route ''(hidden)''|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|TM Flying|In the southwest corner of the route|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{TM|40|Aerial Ace}}}}
{{Itemlist|Super Potion|In the southwest corner of the route|LE=yes|LP=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Burn Heal|In the southeast corner of the route|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|ChestoSuper BerryPotion|LeftIn the northeast of the route, north of {{tc|HikerCamper}} Brice in a marked square ''(hidden)''Drew|FRLE=yes|LGLP=yes}}
{{Itemlist|RarePoké CandyBall|In the northeast cornermiddle of the route, ''(hidden)''southwest of {{tc|Youngster}} Chris|FRLE=yes|LGLP=yes|display={{i|Poké Ball}} ×5}}
{{Itemlist|Chesto Berry|West of {{tc|Hiker}} Brice, on the marked square ''(hidden)''|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Rare Candy|One square west and one square south of the northeast corner of the route ''(hidden)''|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Ether|In leftmost of four trees ''(hidden)''|G=yes|S=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Ether|In the right corner of the bottom passage, near {{tc|Hiker}} Sidney '' (hidden)''|C=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Max Potion|South-west corner of route, near {{tc|Picnicker}} Edna|HG=yes|SS=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Light Clay|North center of route (requires {{m|Cut}})|HG=yes|SS=yes}}
===Generation VII===
{{catch/div|mountain|Rare Spawns}}
{{Catch/div|flying|While riding a Flying Pokémon<br><small>After becoming {{color2|000|Pokémon Champion|Champion}}}}
{{Catch/div|flying|Rare Spawns}}
{{Trainerentry|Spr DP Hiker.png|Hiker|Clarke|1440|2|095|Onix|♂|43|None|051|Dugtrio|♂|45|None|36=タカアキ|37=Takaaki}}
===Generation VII===
{{Trainerentry|VSPicnicker PE.png{{!}}90px|Picnicker|Alicia|420<br/>2 [[Great Ball]]s|2|133|Eevee|♀|21|None|044|Gloom|♀|21|None|36=アイミ|37=Aimi}}
{{Trainerentry|VSBug Catcher PE.png{{!}}90px|Bug Catcher|Conner|228<br/>3 {{i|Poké Ball}}s|1|046|Paras|♂|19|None|36=ヒロミチ|37=Hiromichi}}
{{Trainerentry|VSHiker PE.png{{!}}90px|Hiker|Jeremy|880<br/>3 {{i|Poké Ball}}s|1|095|Onix|♀|22|None|36=ナルオ|37=Naruo}}
{{Trainerentry|VSCamper PE.png{{!}}90px|Camper|Drew|420<br/>2 [[Great Ball]]s|2|027|Sandshrew|♂|21|None|020|Raticate|♂|21|None|36=ノリヒロ|37=Norihiro}}
{{Trainerentry|VSYoungster PE.png{{!}}90px|Youngster|Chris|400<br/>3 {{i|Poké Ball}}s|2|050|Diglett|♂|20|None|022|Fearow|♂|20|None|36=マサシ|37=Masashi}}
{{Trainerentry|VSBlack Belt PE.png{{!}}90px|Black Belt|Brice|644<br/>3 {{i|Poké Ball}}s|1|056|Mankey|♂|23|None|36=ハルノブ|37=Harunobu}}
{{Trainerentry|VSPicnicker PE.png{{!}}90px|Picnicker|Caitlin|420<br/>2 [[Great Ball]]s|2|118|Goldeen|♀|21|None|017|Pidgeotto|♀|21|None|36=ユウカ|37=Yūka}}
{{Trainerentry|VSHiker PE.png{{!}}90px|Hiker|Alan|880<br/>3 {{i|Poké Ball}}s|3|074|Geodude|♂|22|None|074|Geodude|♂|22|None|074|Geodude|♂|22|None|36=マサノリ|37=Masanori}}
{{trainerdiv|mountain|After becoming Champion}}
{{Trainerentry/master|VSAce Trainer M Master PE.png{{!}}90px|Ace Trainer|Arnold|038|Ninetales|♀|75|Psychic|Hypnosis|Psychic|Calm Mind|Dark|Dark Pulse|Ghost|Dream Eater|36=ウンショウ|37=Unshō}}
==Differences among generations==
[[File:Kanto Route 9 Adventures.png|thumb|100px|Route 9 in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Route 9 was featured from ''[[PS053|Can't Catch Caterpie!]]'' to ''[[PS055|The Primeape Directive]]'', where {{adv|Blue}} and {{adv|Yellow}} trained at the mountainous areas of the route in preparation for the upcoming {{pkmn|battle}} against the [[Elite Four]]. Soon after arriving at the mountains, Yellow encountered a {{p|Caterpie}}, which had followed her all the way from [[Celadon City]]. Following Blue's instructions, she eventually caught it and added it to her [[party|team]], nicknaming it [[Kitty]]. As a result for her battles against Caterpie while trying to catch it, Yellow's {{p|Rattata}}, [[Ratty]], evolved into a {{p|Raticate}}, much to Yellow's shock, since she hadn't been aware that Pokémon could [[Evolution|evolve]].
After training together for a while, Blue and Yellow went on their separate ways by sea. Since Yellow didn't have a Pokémon that could {{m|Surf}} yet, she instead boarded the bypassing [[S.S. Anne]] to [[Vermilion City]].
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