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Dub edits
===Dub edits===
* In the beginning, Ash says the person who last comes up the hill is a {{p|Slowpoke}} (May calls Max a {{p|Slowbro}}). However, in most translations from English, the joke was eliminated, replacing "slow" to each language's response.
* In the dub, when Ash is talking with Max, he talks about friendship and makes a reference to {{an|Misty}}, though not by name. In the original dialogue, instead, Ash says to Max that a thousand years for Jirachi and its comet could be just an instant and it wouldn't be the same traveling with him; he remarks that he's not able to explain the thing very clearly.
* In the {{pmin|Brazil|Brazilian}} dub, Jirachi is referred to as female rather than male, even being voiced by a female.
==In other languages==