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==In the anime==
[[File:Ash Electrium Z.png|thumb|250px|Electrium Z in the anime]]
In ''[[SM001|Alola to New Adventure!]]'', {{Ash}} received an Electrium Z with his [[Z-Ring]] from {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Tapu Koko}}. Unfortunately, in [[SM002|the following episode]], itIt shattered after Ash performed {{m|Gigavolt Havoc}} with {{AP|Pikachu}} in [[SM002|the following episode].
In ''[[SM010|Trial and Tribulation!]]'', Ash obtained another Electrium Z from Tapu Koko. It had swapped it with the [[Fightinium Z]] he was supposed to receive from [[Hala]] as a reward for completing his {{isl|Melemele}} grand trial.