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{{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} find themselves in mountains surrounded by fog. They watch, as in the sky, two lights appear and {{p|Solgaleo}} and {{p|Lunala}} emerge. The two Pokémon looked down at Ash who understands and makes a promise. They disappear before emitting a beam of light where [[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}} is formed. The [[Guardian{{an|guardian deities]]}} sense Nebby's arrival as [[{{an|Gladion]]}} tries to calm his {{DLTP|Gladion|Silvally|Type: Null}} down. Gladion soon realizes that an [[{{an|Ultra Beasts|Ultra Beast]]}} has appeared. At [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}'s house, {{Rotom}} is trying to wake Ash and Pikachu up but they're still sleeping. With help from {{AP|Litten}}, Ash and Pikachu eventually get up. Ash starts to remember the dream he had where he had made a promise to Solgaleo and Lunala.
During breakfast, they watch as the "Alola Woman of the Year" award is given to [[Professor Burnet]]. Professor Kukui explains that her research is best known on [[Ultra Wormhole]]s. At the [[Altar of the Sunne]], Professor Burnet, [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}, [[Wicke]], and [[{{an|Faba]]}} are examining the ruins where Professor Burnet had discovered a spike in energy readings from an Ultra Beast. Faba suspects this might have been an equipment malfunction which is put down to jealousy. They head off to do more research. Ash, Pikachu, and Rotom are on their way to the [[Pokémon School]] when they come across {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko}} who leads them to Nebby, sleeping in the forest. Ash recognizes Nebby from his dream and remembers his promise. Rotom has no data on Nebby.
At school, Professor Kukui greets the class and notices that Ash has yet to arrive. Ash arrives at that moment and shows Professor Kukui and {{ashcl}} Nebby. They watch Nebby and agree to do what they can to research it as {{an|Lillie}} gives it the [[nickname]] Nebby. Nebby starts crying leading everyone to attempt to calm it down and {{an|Mallow}} soon calms it down. They try and find out what Nebby likes to eat and discover that Nebby likes star candy. At [[Aether Paradise]], Lusamine is alerted to a detection of an Ultra Beast's aura and they head to [[Melemele Island]]. Ash and Lillie arrive back at Professor Kukui's house and learn they have guests who want to see them and Nebby.
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{Ash}} finds and befriends a {{p|Cosmog}}, which {{an|Lillie}} [[nickname]]s [[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}}.
* Lillie reunites with her mother, [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}.
* Ash meets Lusamine, [[Professor Burnet]], [[{{an|Faba]]}}, and [[Wicke]] for the first time.
* Ash learns about the [[Aether Foundation]] and [[Ultra Beast]]s.
* [[Professor Burnet]]
* [[Aether Foundation]]
** [[{{an|Lusamine]]}} (in person)
** [[Wicke]]
** [[{{an|Faba]]}}
** {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Cosmog}} ([[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}})
* {{p|Solgaleo}}
* {{p|Lunala}}
* {{an|Sophocles}}
* {{an|Mallow}}
* [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}
* [[Samson Oak]]
* [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}
* [[{{an|Gladion]]}}
* [[Professor Burnet]]
* [[Wicke]]
* [[{{an|Faba]]}}
* {{al|Anna}}
* {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}
[[File:WTP SM044.png|thumb|200px|Who's That Pokémon?]]
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: [[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}} ({{p|Cosmog}}) ''(US and international)'', {{p|Cosmog}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Rotom}} ({{an|Rotom Pokédex}})
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Komala}} ([[Samson Oak]]'s)
* {{p|Umbreon}} ([[{{an|Gladion]]}}'s)
* {{p|Lycanroc}} ([[{{an|Gladion]]}}'s; {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}})
* {{p|Type: Null}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Silvally}}; Silvally)
* {{p|Clefairy}} ([[{{OP|Lusamine]]'s|Clefairy}}; evolves; fantasy)
* {{p|Clefable}} ([[{{OP|Lusamine]]'s|Clefable}}; newly evolved; fantasy)
* {{p|Munchlax}} ([[Professor Burnet]]'s; video)
* {{p|Tapu Koko}} (×2; {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Koko|anime}}; one as a painting)
* {{p|Tapu Lele}} (×2; {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Lele|anime}}; one as a painting)
* {{p|Cosmog}} ([[{{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby]]}}; debut)
* {{p|Tapu Bulu}} (×2; {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Bulu|anime}}; debut; one as a painting)
* {{p|Tapu Fini}} (×2; {{DL|RecurringGuardian wild Pokémon in thedeities (anime)|Tapu Fini|anime}}; debut; one as a painting)
* {{p|Stufful}} ({{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful|anime}}; video; debut)
* {{p|Luvdisc}} (×2)
* {{p|Ivysaur}} (video)
* {{p|Pikipek}} (video)
* {{p|Exeggcute}} (video)
* {{p|Stufful}} (video; debut)
* {{p|Psyduck}} (video)
* {{p|Solgaleo}} (dream; debut)
* [[Poké Problem]]: ''What is the name of my mother who will appear in today's episode?''
** Host: {{an|Lillie}}
** Choices: [[{{an|Lusamine]]}}, [[Wicke]], [[Professor Burnet]], [[Olivia]]
** Answer: Lusamine
* This is the season premiere of [[S21|Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures]].
* [[Alola!!]] returns as the opening theme, replacing the 20th anniversary edition of [[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master]].
* The shot of {{Ash}} running up the hill on his way to the [[Pokémon School]] is similar to the first shot of Alola!!.
* The title card is modified to display the [[Z-Power Ring]] from [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]].
* WhenThis tryingis tothe feedfirst [[Nebby]]episode somesince ''[[MoomooAG145|Pasta MilkLa Vista!]],'' {{an|Kiawe}}in makeswhich athe face"To resemblingBe thatContinued" ofscreen theis artnot styleextended ofin {{wp|Nobuyukithe dub, 564 episodes Fukumoto}}earlier.
* When trying to feed {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Solgaleo|Nebby}} some [[Moomoo Milk]], {{an|Kiawe}} makes a face resembling that of the art style of {{wp|Nobuyuki Fukumoto}}.
* {{MTR}}, [[Jessie]], and [[James]] narrate the preview for the [[SM045|next episode]].
* The [[Who's That Pokémon?]] segment in the dub refers to the Pokémon by its [[nickname]], for only the second time in the {{pkmn|anime}} after ''[[XY094|From A to Z!]]''.
* This episode marks the first appearance of a {{p|Clefairy}} in the anime since its cameo in ''[[DP135|Beating the Bustle and Hustle!]]'', 382 episodes earlier.
|zh_cmn={{tt|小智與小星雲!奇妙的邂逅!!|Ash and Nebby! Mysterious Encounter!!}}
|cs={{tt|Snové setkání!|A dream encounter!}}
|da={{tt|Et møde i drømme!|A meeting in the dream!}}
|fi={{tt|Kohtaaminen unessa!|A meeting in a dream!}}
|nl={{tt|Een droom ontmoeting!|A dream encounter!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Une rencontre de rêve !|A dream encounter!}}
|de={{tt|Eine Begegnung im Traum!|An encounter in the dream!}}
|it={{tt|Un incontro tra sogno e realtà!|An encounter between dream and reality!}}
|ko={{tt|지우와 별구름! 신비한 만남!!|Ash and Nebby! Mysterious Encounter!!}}
|he={{tt|!פגישה בחלום|Encounter in the Dream!}}
|no={{tt|Et drømmemøte!|A aream meeting!}}
|pl={{tt|Spotkanie w snach!|An encounter in dreams!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Um encontro dos sonhos!|An encounter of dreams!}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Um encontro de sonho!|A dream encounter!}}
|ru={{tt|Заветная встреча!|A treasured encounter!}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Un encuentro de ensueño!|A dream encounter!}}
|es_eu={{tt|¡Un sueño de encuentros!|A dream of encounters!}}
|sv={{tt|Ett Möte i En Dröm|A Meating in A Dream}}
|th={{tt|ซาโตชิกับโฮชิกุโมะ! การพบกันที่เหลือเชื่อ!!|Satoshi and Hoshigumo! Mysterious Encounter!!}}
|tr={{tt|Rüya Gibi Bir Karşılaşma!|An Encounter Like a Dream