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{{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s [[Tupp]], [[Rapp]], and [[Zipp]] from [[Team Skull]] are in an alleyway when [[{{an|Gladion]]}} walks past along with his {{DLTP|Gladion|Umbreon}}. They confront Gladion but Gladion keeps on walking and demand that he leave his Umbreon with them. They send out their Pokémon to battle as Gladion sends out his {{DLTP|Gladion|Lycanroc}}. Team Skull order their Pokémon to attack but Lycanroc knocks them all out with one move. They recall their Pokémon and retreat as Gladion recalls Lycanroc. {{TRT}} witnessed his battle and realizing how powerful his Lycanroc is decide to steal it. Outside [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}'s house, {{Ash}} is training with his Pokémon with {{AP|Rockruff}} battling against {{AP|Rowlet}}. After a battle, Ash tells Rockruff to take a break and has {{AP|Litten}} come in to battle only for Rockruff to jump over Litten to hit Rowlet. Seeing that Rockruff is fired up to battle, Ash has Rowlet take a break. Soon, Ash decides to end the battle and Rockruff rubs Ash affectionately as they head to school.
During their lunch break, Ash and {{ashcl}} watch their Pokémon play in the classroom having formed a train. They discuss reports which include the trainer having a Midnight Form Lycanroc and an Umbreon. Ash says he would love to battle that trainer hopes it will happen some day. In town, Gladion is battling aganinstagainst a {{tc|Sailor}} and his {{DL|Sailorp|Blastoise}}, where despite a type disadvantage, Lycanroc is holding its own. Nearby, Ash is doing some shopping before noticing the battle and they go down for a closer look. They arrive and watch as Lycanroc knocks Blastoise out. Rotom tells Ash that as Gladion has Lycanroc and Umbreon, he must be the mysterious trainer. Ash runs over to Gladion as he recalls Lycanroc and introduces himself as someone calls Gladion's name. They both look and see Lillie arrive with Snowy and [[Hobbes]]. Lillie runs over to Gladion, revealing him to be her older brother.
Gladion sees that Lillie can touch Pokémon which he is glad to see as Lillie introduces him to Snowy as Hobbes tells Gladion that she has been raising Snowy since it was an egg. Gladion tells Lillie to take care of Snowy and goes to leave but Hobbes asks him to come with them to the mansion. Gladion declines as Ash tries to get Gladion to have a battle. Gladion notices Ash's [[Z-Ring]] and learns that he got it from {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Tapu Koko}}. Gladion tells Ash that he'll consider having a battle and leaves as Ash tells him that he is staying at Professor Kukui's house. Later at Lillie's mansion, Lillie tells Ash that Gladion left home having wanted to train by himself and Hobbes says that Gladion wanted to improve on his battling skills. Lillie notes that Gladion has changed Hobbes remembers when Gladion had brought an injured {{p|Eevee}} home, he helped take it to [[Nurse Joy]].
==Major events==
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{Ash}} meets [[{{an|Gladion]]}}, {{an|Lillie}}'s older brother, for the first time.
* Ash has a {{pkmn|battle}} with Gladion, but it getsis interrupted by {{TRT}}.
* AshTeam learnsRocket hemeets canGladion get a [[Rockium Z]] fromfor the [[Island Kahuna]] of [[Akalafirst Island]]time.
* Ash learns that he can get a [[Rockium Z]] from the [[Island Kahuna]] of [[Akala Island]].
* [[{{an|Gladion]]}} (in person)
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[Gladion's Umbreon]]
* [[Gladion's Lycanroc]]
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}
* [[{{an|Gladion]]}}
* [[{{an|Lusamine]]}} (picture)
* [[Hobbes]]
* {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s
** [[Tupp]]
** [[Rapp]]
** [[Zipp]]
* {{tc|Sailor}}
* Citizens
* {{p|Charjabug}} ({{OP|Sophocles|Charjabug}})
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Eevee}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Umbreon}}; flashback)
* {{p|Umbreon}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Umbreon}})
* {{p|Lycanroc}} ([[{{OP|Gladion]]'s|Lycanroc}}; {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Lycanroc|Midnight Form}})
* {{p|Cleffa}} ([[{{OP|Lusamine]]'s|Cleffa}}; picture)
* {{p|Lillipup}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[{{an|Lusamine]]}}'s; picture)
* {{p|Salandit}} ([[Tupp]]'s)
* {{p|Zubat}} ([[Rapp]]'s)
* [[Poké Problem]]: ''Whose [[Gladion (anime)|older brother]] appears in this episode?''
** Host: {{Rotom}}
** Choices: {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Sophocles}}
* The English dub was released on the [[iTunes Store]] on August 13, 2017, six days before the episode aired in the United States, due to an all-day marathon of ''{{wp|DuckTales (2017 TV series)|DuckTales}}'' on August 12, 2017.
* {{an|Kiawe}}, {{Ash}}, Rotom, and a {{p|Scyther}} narrate the preview for the [[SM028|next episode]].
* This is the first time an {{p|Umbreon}} uses a {{type|Dark}} [[move]] in the {{pkmn|anime}}.
* This is the first time in the {{pkmn|anime}} a Pokémon is seen being kept in an {{ball|[[Ultra}} Ball]].
* At one point in the dub, [[James]] says "Riddle me this", a common catchphrase associated with {{wp|The Riddler}} from the ''{{wp|Batman}}'' franchise. A [[EP058|previous episode]] had its dub title based on this catchphrase.
* Briefly after the {{tc|Sailor}}'s {{p|Blastoise}} stands up in the fountain, its jaw is miscolored blue.
* When {{Ash}} hugs his {{AP|Rockruff}} at night, his shirt is miscolored blue.
* In the polish{{pmin|Poland|Polish}} duband {{pmin|Brazil|Brazilian Portuguese}} dubs, atduring the training scene, Ash orders Rowlet to dodge instead of Rockruff.
* In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, when Ash is talking with his classmates about Gladion's Lycanroc, his Latin American Spanish voice can be heard.
SM027 Error.png|Ash's blue shirt
===Dub edits===
|da={{tt|En skarp konkurrence!|A sharp competition!}}
|nl={{tt|Een scherpe concurrentie!|A sharp competition!}}
|fi={{tt|Kilpahenkeä ensisilmäyksellä!|Rivalry at the first glance!}}{{tt|*|Written title}}<br>{{tt|Kilpailuhenkeä ensisilmäyksellä!|Rivalry at the first glance!}}{{tt|*|Spoken title}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Un regard qui défie !|A glance that challenges!}}
|de={{tt|Eine funkelnde Rivalität!|A sparkling rivalry!}}
|he={{tt|!מבט של יריבות|A glance of rivalry!}}
|it={{tt|Una rivalità lampante!|A crystal clear rivalry!}}
|ko={{tt|나와라! 붉은 눈빛 루가루암!!|Come Forth! The Red Gaze Lycanroc!!}}
|no={{tt|En skarp konkurranse!|A sharp competition!}}
|pl={{tt|Oko w oko z rywalem!|Face to face against rival!}}