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|setname=Base Set
|jasetname= 第1弾スターターパック & 第1弾拡張パック
|transsetname=1st Starter & Expansion Pack
|setlogo=Pokémon TCG logo.png
|nextset=Jungle|janextset=Jungle|janextsetname=Pokémon Jungle
'''Base Set''' (Japanese: '''第1弾スターターパック''' & '''第1弾拡張パック''' ''1st Starter & Expansion Pack'') is the name given to the original core release of cards and {{TCG|Theme Deck}}s for the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. It was released in Japan on October 20, 1996, and in the United States on January 9, 1999.
*The Unlimited print is the most common print of the Base Set.
*There was a fourth print run that mirrored the Unlimited print, the only difference being the date, which reads "1999-2000". This print was released in countries outside of North America.
[[File:BaseSetPrintRuns.jpg|thumb|center|800px|Japanese, 1st Edition, Shadowless, Unlimited, 4th Print]]
==Changes between the Japanese and international release==
{{Setlist/header|title=1st Starter & Expansion Pack|tablecol=C0C0C0|bordercol=A70E13|cellcol=DD494E|rarity=yes|symbol=no}}
{{Setlist/entry|None|{{TCG ID|Expansion|Bulbasaur|Pack}}|Grass||Common|}}
{{Setlist/entry|None|{{TCG ID|Expansion|Caterpie|Pack}}|Grass||Common|}}
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|es=Edición Básica}}
==External links==
* [[email protected]/sets/72157625306939525/ Detailed booster box images]
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