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Ultra Warp Ride

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Those are already covered on the Ultra Wilds' page.
There are five different Ultra Wormholes that the player may visit while using Ultra Warp Ride. Four of the wormholes lead to [[Ultra Space Wilds]], while the remaining one leads to the world of the first seven [[Ultra Beast]]s introduced in [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]] and [[Ultra Megalopolis]] only during the first visit.
*Red Ultra Wormhole: Cliff World
[[Sigilyph]], [[Yanmega]], [[Swanna]], [[Swellow]], and [[Altaria]]
*Blue Ultra Wormhole: Water World
[[Quagsire]], [[Barbaracle]], [[Stunfisk]], [[Floatzel]], and [[Lombre]]
*Green Ultra Wormhole: Rocky World
[[Audino]], [[Nuzleaf]], [[Grumpig]], [[Drapion]], and [[Heliolisk]]
*Yellow Ultra Wormhole: Cave World
[[Crustle]], [[Abomasnow]], [[Medicham]], [[Hippowdon]], and [[Magcargo]]
* White Ultra Wormhole : [[Ultra Deep Sea]], [[Ultra Jungle]]{{sup/7|US}}, [[Ultra Desert]]{{sup/7|UM}}, [[Ultra Plant]], [[Ultra Forest]]{{sup/7|US}}, [[Ultra Crater]]{{sup/7|UM}}, and [[Ultra Ruin]]