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The next day, Ash decides to {{pkmn|training|train}}, knowing that his final [[Gym]] [[Badge]] and the {{pkmn|League}} is closing in. He decides to put time into improving Gible's faulty Draco Meteor. When he brings Gible out, it immediately sprints over to bite on a nearby boulder. Ash tries to pull Gible off, which results in his {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} biting on his head instead.
Gible starts practicing Draco Meteor, but every attempt continues to fail and hit Piplup, with Ash repeatedly apologizing to Dawn's [[starter Pokémon]]. After disrupting Piplup from smelling flowers, getting water from a stream and simply heaving the Penguin Pokémon everywhere, Piplup runs over to Gible and scolds it. When Gible responds by latching onto Piplup's head, the {{t|Water}} Pokémon unleashes his anger on Gible with Whirlpool and {{m|BubbleBeamBubble Beam}} attacks. Gible's lack of response only infuriates Piplup more as Ash and Dawn try to calm the chaos.
Piplup runs towards Dawn, imagining her and Ash scolding Gible and demanding it to apologize, Dawn caring only for Piplup. Instead, Piplup winds up hugging {{AP|Pikachu}}. Pikachu comforts Piplup briefly before running over to Ash. Piplup notices that nobody is angry towards Gible, only supporting it and encouraging it to work harder to improve. This devastates Piplup, especially when Dawn says that Gible didn't do intentional harm. Crushed, Piplup walks away, nobody noticing him. Nearby, {{TRT}} watches and decides to take advantage of it.
Jessie and James return to Meowth and Piplup, and begin putting another plan into motion by asking Piplup to find and bring Pikachu over, which he agrees to. Pikachu walks alone when Piplup finds him and brings him over. They enter a covered box which is revealed to be an electric-proof cage. Piplup is stunned at being fooled.
Ash and his friends are still trying to locate Pikachu and Piplup. Gible then fires a random Draco Meteor, which fails and falls where Team Rocket is located. {{an|Brock}} realizes that the move can be used in a good way as they head over, finding Team Rocket. Before they can finish their {{motto}}, the same Rhyperior shows up and unleashes another Flash Cannon, which frees Pikachu and Piplup. Dawn runs to Piplup, showing him that she did care as they both embrace, Ash also apologizing to Piplup. Team Rocket decides to {{pkmn|battle}}, sending out {{TP|James|Carnivine}} and {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. Ash sends out {{AP|Grotle}} while Dawn lets Piplup jump into battle. Seviper launches a {{m|Haze}}, but Grotle's {{m|Energy Ball}} cuts through it and makes contact, {{DL|Fainting|In the anime|taking down}} Seviper. Carnivine fires {{m|Bullet Seed}}, which Piplup matches with BubbleBeamBubble Beam, but a quick follow-up {{m|Vine Whip}} knocks Piplup down. Piplup gets up, bestowed with anger and strength, and launches his brand-new move, {{m|Hydro Pump}}, which sends Team Rocket flying sky-high.
The Rhyperior is still angry, as Ash and his friends try to calm the Pokémon, when a Trainer comes out and calls to Rhyperior. He reveals that he is Rhyperior's Trainer and apologizes to his Pokémon for being mean. They work things out and move along, which encourages [[friendship]] with Dawn and Piplup.