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|sellable=yes <!--what price?-->
|sellnotes=Super Mystery Dungeon
|currencysell=[[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|effect=Raises level by 5{{sup/md|TDS}}/3{{sup/md|SMD}}. Restores Belly by 5{{sup/md|GTI}}/2{{sup/md|SMD}}.
|descmdtds=A perplexing seed that sparkles with pure golden rays. It boosts the Pokémon's level by 5 when eaten. It also slightly fills the Pokémon's Belly.
|descsmd=It's one of the {{DL|Treasure Collection|Golden Items}}, with a golden glow. They say eating it boosts your level by 3.
|locmdtds=[[Golden Chamber]], [[Treasure box|Treasure chests]]
|locsmd=[[Guidance Ruins]], [[Glorious Gold]]{{tt|*|Once recorded in Treasure Collection}}