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Dragon Skull

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==In the manga==
[[File:Dragon Fossil Adventures.png|thumb|230px|The Dragon Fossil in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In [[Pokémon Adventures]], instead of merely the skull, Team Plasma stole the entire Dragon Fossil in ''[[PS475|The Mystery of the Missing Fossil]]'', along with several other artifacts from the Nacrene Museum. {{adv|Black}} agreed to help find the thieves, and, during his pursuit of the stolen items, encountered [[Burgh]], whom [[Lenora]] had also requested to help solve the case. The two soon found the Dragon Fossil at the outskirts of [[Pinwheel Forest]], where it, to their surprise, then begun attacking them. Black soon figured out that the ones responsible for the theft were a group of {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}s and [[Gorm]] of the [[Seven Sages]], and they were using Gorm's {{p|Cofagrigus}} to control the skeleton. With Burgh's help, Black was able to defeat Cofagrigus. Upon realizing that the skeleton wasn't related to the {{p|Reshiram|Legendary}} {{p|Zekrom|Pokémon}} they were after, Team Plasma retreated, allowing the Dragon Fossil and the other stolen artifacts to be safely returned to the Nacrene Museum.
==In other languages==