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The game begins with the {{player}} waking up in their bedroom in [[Vaniville Town|their hometown]]. After being encouraged by their [[Grace (Kalos)|mother]] to talk to their neighbor — {{ga|Serena}}, if the player is male, or {{ga|Calem}}, if the player is female — the player learns that [[Professor Sycamore]] has a request for five kids: the player, their rival, [[Shauna]], [[Trevor]], and [[Tierno]]. In [[Aquacorde Town]], to fulfill this request, the player chooses a starter Pokémon: {{p|Fennekin}}, {{p|Froakie}}, or {{p|Chespin}}. Shauna will then choose the Pokémon that is weak to the player's starter and Serena/Calem will take the Pokémon that is strong against the player's starter, in traditional [[rival]] fashion. Trevor presents the player with a [[Pokédex]]. After getting a send-off from their mother in Vaniville Town, the player travels along Routes {{rtn|2|Kalos}} and {{rtn|3|Kalos}} and through [[Santalune Forest]]. Upon arrival in [[Santalune City]], the player receives the {{key|VI|[[Roller Skates}}]] in front of the [[Santalune Gym]], where the player defeats the Gym Leader, [[Viola]], and receives the {{Badge|Bug}}. Viola's sister, [[Alexa]], points the way to {{rt|4|Kalos}}.
As the player reaches the gate to [[Lumiose City]], they meet [[Sina]] and [[Dexio]], who introduce the new {{t|Fairy}} [[type]]. When the player first reaches Lumiose City, they cannot do much because of a power outage. They go to Professor Sycamore's lab, and soon the rest of their friends arrive. Sycamore allows each of them, including the player, to pick a [[Kanto]] starter Pokémon. On the player's way out, they see Dexio with [[Lysandre]] talking about the potential the Professor's pupils have. Lysandre says he desires a beautiful world and leaves the building. The friends come to the player thereafter, with Tierno directing the player to Café Soleil and Camphrier Town. In Café Soleil, Lysandre is talking to [[Diantha]], an established Kalos actress. He asks her if she wants to remain young and beautiful forever, but she dismisses the question and says that she looks forward to playing more roles as she gets older. After Lysandre leaves, she tells the player that she is a Trainer and looks forward to battling them in the future.