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The episode begins with {{Ash}} and {{an|Iris}} havinghave a battle, using {{AP|Scraggy}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew|Axew}}, respectively. Ash calls a {{m| Headbutt}}, which Axew dodges, and Iris orders a {{m|Scratch}}, which hits, which makes Scraggy take major damage. Seeing that Scraggy has been knocked out, Iris tells Axew to use {{m|Dragon Rage}} to finish it off. Axew begins to charge up, and the newly mastered Dragon Rage hits Scraggy full on the face, knocking him out.
Axew gets happy, while Ash gets down as he looks at the knocked out Scraggy. Suddenly, a {{p|Cottonee}} comes up, restingand itselfrests on Scraggy's head. Scraggy wakes up and looks at Cottonee, while Cottonee becomes scared and uses {{m|Cotton Spore}} which distracts Scraggy. Suddenly, another Cottonee comes up, and the first Cottonee that was sitting on Scraggy's head looks up, looking at thatthe new Cottonee admiringly. Ash scans it on the Pokédex, while {{an|Cilan}} remarks that it's was strange to see a Cottonee alone at this time of year, assince this is the season where all Cottonee come together and start a life together. Iris says that it's quite romantic, but, as she is eating an apple, Cilan says that it's not quite romantic with the mouth full.
Suddenly, the first Cottonee goes up to the othersecond Cottonee and begins to talk, while Cilan exclaims it's is "heart to heart time". However, the second Cottonee, a female, does not return the male's feelings and attacks it with {{m|Stun Spore}}. The male Cottonee getsbecomes very upset as the Cottonee it has been harboring feelings forfemale continues to attack it, with {{m|Energy Ball}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}}. The male begins to attack the Cottoneefemale it loves, usingwith Razor Leaf, which the Cottoneeshe easily dodges, and then followingfollows up with an Energy Ball, which misses completely. Cilan says that the other Cottoneefemale was testing thisthe Cottoneemale in order to see if it was worthy, howeverbut thisthe Cottoneemale did not exceed expectations. andEventually, the other Cottoneefemale leaves, leaving the Cottoneemale heartbroken. Cilan is shown puttingputs a bandage upon theon Cottonee's bruise, and Cottoneehe getsbecomes very grateful. In the meantime, Ash decides to help ithim out, to see if they can make Cottonee's battling style better. SoAs a result, Ash decides that Scraggy should be the one to battle Cottonee.
The practice battle begins. Ash calls for a {{m|Leer}}, whichand Scraggy follows and leers intimidatingly at Cottonee. Cottonee, frightened, sweats and runs, going behind a tree stump. Ash is very supportive and tells Cottonee that ithe can'tcannot run away--it; instead, he has to dodge or protect itself. Scraggy tries to use Headbutt, but Cottonee guards itselfhimself with {{m|Cotton Guard}}. Ash then gives ithim tips on how to dodge, saying that youhe needneeds to watch your opponent closely and dodge when the moment comes. They try, and though Cottonee stares at Scraggy, he gets hit by the Headbutt. However, but the second time aroundis more successful, with Cottonee guardsguarding itselfhimself with Cotton Guard. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is discussing how they're are going to steal the Cottonee at [[Rainbow Valley]].
Iris then helps Cottonee works on itshis aim, saying youthat he needneeds to focus your mind on the target, and Axew is willing to help the Cottonee out. They have their target beselect the tree stump Cottonee had hid behind earlier as their target, and Iris tells Axew to use Dragon Rage. Axew charges up, and then releases all of the stored power, hitting the tree stump perfectly as well as making it explode and break. Axew getsbecomes very happy by this and putsthen places a small stone on top of the stump toso beit could serve as Cottonee's target. Cottonee focuses all of its attention on the small stump, usingand uses Energy Ball, which misses. Iris encourages ithim to try again, and he uses Energy Ball, which successfully hits the tree stump.
Cottonee then has practice battles with all of them. Iris's Axew lays some damage on ithim, howeverbut itthe resultsbattle ends in a draw. Cilan is thenbecomes the last opponent, using {{TP|Cilan|Dwebble|Dwebble}}. Cilan orders a {{m|Slash}} while Ash, acting as Cottonee's Trainer, tells Cottonee to dodge, and Cottonee dodges all of them repeated Slashes. Cilan then calls for an {{m|X-Scissor}} which Cottonee dodges and Ash orders a Razor Leaf, which hits Dwebble hard. Cilan then sends out {{TP|Cilan|Pansage|Pansage}}, and the battle continues.
The group then thinks that Cottonee is ready, though they need to find the Cottoneefemale that they've have been training for. Ash tries to return Scraggy, though Scraggy getsbecomes angry, exclaiming that it wants to help out Cottonee out. Ash sends out {{AP|Tranquill}} to go and look for it. Ash returns Tranquill as they marvel over how they are going to look for the Cottonee--. Cilan them comes up with an idea;: Cottonee can'tcannot fly by themselves, and instead, they have to ride the wind. Iris then says they'll will have to sense the wind's movements, which she confirms are going south. The trio then heads south in that direction with the hopes of finding the Cottoneefemale. Meanwhile, Team Rocket have been looking for the Cottonee too, using [[Jessie's Woobat]]. Unfortunately for them, Woobat doesn't find anything, so {{MTR}} suggests some devices that fly up in the air to look for Rainbow Valley. Team Rocket isn't the only one that failed--the group does, as well.
Later, the path of the wind thenchanges changesnorthwest, according to Iris, which is northwest. They all head northwest,in whichthat makesdirection themand headeventually intofind Rainbow Valley. There are hundreds of Cottonee around, flying, and looking for a partner. Cottonee then spots the Cottoneefemale ithe had been looking for, and attempts to talk to it, while Iris remarks it's romantic once more, with her mouth full. However, when Cottonee talks, a sudden gust of wind blows, wrapping all of them up in a huge bag. AshAt getsthat upsetmoment, and they look for who did it, and sees the bag full, and sees Team Rocket asreveals wellthemselves. Iris getsbecomes upset thatand theyaccuses ruinedthem of ruining the moment, but Team Rocket performs their {{motto}}.
Ash is very upset, and tries to stop them, but Team Rocket mocks him. While they continue to argue, the bag containing the Cottonee begins to bulge..., and then,they theall Cottoneemanage to break out!. Team Rocket is surprised, but the trio isbecomes veryextremely happy from this development. All of the Cottonee use Cotton Spore, which covers Teamthe Rockettrio's faces, makingblinding them unable to see. Because of this, the car carrying the bag begins to go out of control, and they crash into a tree. Sensing defeat, and they goflee on their jetpacks, claimingswearing revenge.
Now thatWith Team Rocket is gone, Cottonee is free to tellexpress itshis feelings forto Cottoneethe female. Just when Cottonee starts, two other male Cottonee take this Cottoneehim away, and begin to battle ithim. They start off the battle with a simultaneous Razor Leaf simultaneously, which this Cottonee avoids by using Cotton Guard, and the Cottonee it had been talking tofemale and the trio watcheswatch on. Then, theythe opposing Cottonee both use Energy Ball, which Cottonee easily dodges., Thecausing Cottoneethe watchingfemale looksto look at this Cottoneehim admiringly. Then, the interrupted Cottonee uses Razor Leaf, which hits the other two Cottonee,. andHe then follows up with Energy Ball, which explodes on impact. Theand twoknocks Cottonee are now knockedthem out, with Ash very proud.
Cottonee goes back to the Cottoneefemale watching,and to explainexplains its feelings without being interrupteduninterrupted. The Cottoneefemale acceptsreciprocates, and they begin holding hands andbefore blowblowing away. Later, theythe gotrio goes to where the Diamond Wind is blowing, asand they see all of the land sparkle--sparkling. Cilan saysexplains that it's was because the placelocation is full of minerals. As they are enjoying the view, Iris suddenly notes that the sun is rising, and the Cottonee blow away with the Diamond Wind., Theleaving the trio is mesmerized. Suddenly,The theCottonee Cottoneethey Ashhad hasbeen takentaking care of bids them goodbye, and the trio continues on their journey.
==Major events==