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* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: {{p|Oshawott}}
* The {{m|Surf}}ing theme from {{2v2|Black|White}} is used as background music.
* This episode marks the first appearance of the redesigned [[Officer Jenny]].
* This episode shares some similarities with ''[[EP006|Clefairy and the Moon Stone]]''. It is the sixth episode of its series and involves a pink Pokémon that evolves via the [[Moon Stone]] co-starringcostarring with its evolution and a researcher from nearby city studying Pokémon in question.
* Just like in [[BW005|the previous episode]], one of the girls in the [[Striaton Gym]] is a [[Anime character recycling|look-a-likelookalike]] of [[Janet]] from ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]'', and one is a look-a-likelookalike of [[Erica]] from ''[[AG115|Mean With Envy]]'' and ''[[AG116|Pacifidlog Jam]]''.
* This episode is the first of the dubbed ''[[Best Wishes {{series|Best Wishes]]''}} episodes to not use ''all'' of the original BGM.
* {{an|Cilan}}'s 'catchphrase' before performing a Pokémon evaluation in this episode is "''Time for the battle to be served!''", howeverHowever, this would quickly be replaced in future episodes by "''It's evaluating time!''".
* This is the last episode to use the old evolution effect used since the {{series|[[original}} series]]; in this case, whichit was seen in {{TP|Iris|Axew}}'s dream in this episode. [[BW020|The next time an evolution was seen]], a new evolution effect was introduced.
* Part of the [[Scholastic]] children's book "[[Ash's Triple Threat]]" is based on this episode, as well as most of the book focusing on [[BW005|the previous episode]].
* In the scene where {{p|Munna}} emits its [[Dream Mist]], {{an|Cilan}}'s eyes are drawn with visible sclera. This error is repeated when {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} confront Team Rocket{{TRT}} at the [[Dreamyard]], and when Cilan is saying goodbye to [[Chili]] and [[Cress]].
* When Munna emits its Dream Mist, {{Ash}}'s eyes are drawn in their original style. This error is repeated when the group confronts Team Rocket at the Dreamyard.
* In the scene where Ash receives the {{badge|Trio Badge}}, Chili and Cress are not wearing their aprons. However, in the next scene, they are now wearing them.
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