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* Even though Iris debuted in the [[BW001|previous episode]], Iris is officially introduced in this episode.
* This episode marks the first appearance of the redesigned [[Nurse Joy]].
* This is the second time [[James]] has no Pokémon on hand, and the first time [[Jessie]] hadhas no Pokémon on hand.
** Also, as of this episode, this is the longest time a Trainer has gone without having a Pokémon on hand, [[James's Yamask|lasting for]] [[BW023|23 episodes]]. In the previous occurrence, ''[[AG006|A Poached Ego!]]'', James had no Pokémon briefly after releasing his {{TP|James|Weezing}}, right before catching {{TP|James|Cacnea}} at the end of the episode.
* Team Rocket{{TRT}}'s balloon has been redesigned from a {{p|Meowth}} to a purple balloon.
** This episode is the only appearance of the purple balloon.
* As of this episode, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} is no longer a member of the main cast until ''[[BW141|The Dream Continues!]]''.
* The English dub of this episode aired as a one-hour special along with ''[[BW001|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]]''. makingThis makes it the first time more than one new episode premiered during the same day since ''[[DP050|Tag! We're It...!]]'', ''[[DP051|Glory Blaze!]]'', and ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]'' aired together back on February 1, 2008.
* Music from ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'' is used as background music.
* This and the previous episode, waswere aired in Italy on DisneyXD one day after the American airing.
** This marks the first time an episode is aired in Italy one day after the American airing.
* {{Ash}} caughtcatches a {{AP|Pidove}} and Jessie caughtcatches a {{TP|Jessie|Woobat}}, but oddly enough, these Pokémon swarm in [[Nuvema Town]] after the player goes out, whether in day or night.
* In the scene where [[Matori]] puts the coffee on {{an|Giovanni}}'s desk, the yellow stripes on Giovanni's uniform are missing.
* Before Ash catches Pidove, he flippedflips his hat backwards, but when Ash picks the [[Poké Ball]] up, his hat is facing forwards.
* When Team Rocket capture {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew}}, Pikachu is shown to be held in the left arm and Axew in the right. Later on, they are shown in the opposite arms.
* After Iris says "Axew isn't yours. It's mine", Pikachu's right cheek is missing.
* When Pikachu collapses near the end of the episode, a bit of grass can be seen over Pikachu's left ear.