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This {{p|Crustle}} inside Seaside Cave blocks the way to where [[Team Plasma]] has docked the [[Plasma Frigate]]. The player can wake it up with [[Colress]]'s {{key|V|Colress MCHN|[[Colress Machine}}]]. The energized Crustle will attack the player.
===[[Tao trio]]===
After defeating {{pkmn|Champion}} [[Iris]], the player can encounter [[N]] in the ruins of [[N's Castle|his castle]]. After defeating him and his {{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}} or {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}, the [[Tao trio|dragon]] will transform back into the {{key|V|[[Light Stone}}]] or {{key|V|[[Dark Stone}}]] respectively, which N will then give to the player. Taking the stone to the top of [[Dragonspiral Tower]] will allow the player to capture either Reshiram or Zekrom.