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#REDIRECT [[List of Key Items in Generation V#Dragon Skull]]{{ItemInfobox/head
|name=Dragon Skull
|jtrans=Dragon Bone
|art=Key Dragon Skull Sprite
|caption=Obtain sprite from [[Generation V]]
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The '''Dragon Skull''' (Japanese: '''グッズケース''' ''Dragon Bone'') is a [[Key Item]] introduced in [[Generation V]]. It is the skull of a {{type|Dragon}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} that belongs to {{DL|Nacrene City|Nacrene Museum}}, and closely resembles a {{p|Dragonite}}.
==In the core series games==
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[[Team Plasma]] steals this Dragon Skull from Nacrene Museum after the {{player}} earns their {{badge|Basic}}. The player confronts the culprit, a {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}} at the far end of [[Pinwheel Forest]], and retrieves the skull, and immediately returns it to [[Lenora]]. Because the player obtains and gives away the skull in the same cutscene, they are not able to view it in their [[bag]].
{{movedesc|key items}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev5|BWB2W2}}{{tt|*|Unused in Black and White, Unobtainable in Black 2 and White 2}}<br>{{gameabbrev6|XYORAS}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable}}<br>{{gameabbrev7|SMUSUM}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable}}|A skull of a Pokémon which was said to have braved the angry waters to fly around the world.}}
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| {{gameabbrev5|BW}}
| [[Pinwheel Forest]], from a {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}
==See also==
* [[List of Key Items in Generation V]]
==In other languages==
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|zh_yue=龍之骨 ''Lùhng-jī Gwāt''
|zh_cmn=龍之骨 / 龙之骨 ''Lóng-zhī Gǔ''
|fr=Crâne Dragon
|ko=드래곤의뼈 ''Dragon-yi Ppyeo''
|es={{tt|Crán.|Cráneo}} Dragón
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[[fr:Crâne Dragon]]