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List of Tamil Pokémon themes

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Jaithukaatuvom (CN dub)
! தமிழ்
| <ab>Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
Otrumaiyaai VazhvadhaleyValvatale
NanbarroduNanparkalotu pazhaguvadhaleypalakuvatale
NanbanNanmai Enguenkum Undoundu Adhuenrum Undoundu
NanbanNanbar Thunaithunai Yodukondu Vinnaivinnai Thottuthottu Kaatuvenkaatuvean
Natpu Naan kaikodupan,
Ulagam Aaluvom...
| <ab>Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
We will win this
WeLiving are a thickest familyunitedly
becauseGetting ofacquainted friendshipwith is like thatfriends
WhereGoodness ispresent my friendeverywhere & where heForverer is
withTouching friendsthe helpsky iwith gotthe tohelp theof skymy friends
ForI friendship iwill give handhands for friendship
ButFor ifTrusted Others also there meanspeople
iI will not leave their hands
Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
We will win this
Pokemon Pokémon
(advancedAdvanced battle)
Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
Victory is in our side
I want to fight now
AnotherBy Breaking Obstacles i break thesecoming onenear
Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
We will win this
Pokemon Pokémon
(advancedAdvanced battle)
Ohh -oh-oh-oh -oh-oh
Live together
Oh oh oh
(With friendship's help)
WorldI it'swill ourrule governancethe world
நட்புக்கு நான் கைகொடுப்பேன்
நம்பி வந்தோரை நான் கைவிட மாட்டேன்
நான் கைவிட மாட்டேன்