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List of Key Items in Generation II

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|effect=Exchange at the [[Pokémon Communication Center]] for the [[Odd Egg]]
|descc=May use at Goldenrod trade corner.
|locc={{pkmn|Mobile System GB}} event (received at [[Pokémon Day Care]] on {{rt|34|Johto}}{{tt|*|, Japanese games only}})
|effect=Summons {{p|Celebi}} in [[Ilex Forest]].
|descc=The mysterious <sc>Ball</sc>.
|locc=Cartridge: {{pkmn|Mobile System GB}} event (received at [[Pokémon Communication Center]]{{tt|*|, Japanese games only}})
[[Virtual Console]]: [[Goldenrod City]] [[Pokémon Communication Center]]/[[Pokémon Center]]
|main=GS Ball