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Pokémon books by Michael Teitelbaum: More in chronological order, which helps group similar books than alphabetical. There seems to be differing standards on naming books (i.e. whether to add Pokemon to the front or not)
==Pokémon books by Michael Teitelbaum==
* {{OBP|Pokémon Activity Book|1999}}
* [[Pokémon Maze Book No.1]]
* [[Pokémon Maze Book No.2]]
* [[Become a Pokémon Trainer]]
* [[Worlds of Adventure]]
* [[Extreme Pokémon: The Guide for the Ultimate Fan]]
* [[Meet Ash]]
* [[Meet Ash's Pikachu!]]
* [[Meet the Pokémon]]
* {{OBP|Pokémon[[Watch ActivityOut Book|1999}}for Team Galactic!]]
* [[PokémonExplore Mazewith BookAsh No.1and Dawn]]
* [[PokémonBecome Mazea BookPokémon No.2Trainer]]
* [[Pokémon:Ash WatchBattles OutHis for Team GalacticRivals!]]
* [[WorldsLegends of AdventureSinnoh]]
* [[World's Best Pokémon Drawing Book]]{{tt|*|Not as main author}}