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Alain's Charizard

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In the Mega Evolution Specials
Later, Charizard went up against [[Kalos Elite Four]] member [[Siebold]] and his {{p|Blastoise}}. After Mega Evolving, it flew towards Blastosie and used Dragon Claw, while dodging Blastoise's {{m|Hydro Pump}}. Blastoise, however, countered the attack with {{m|Skull Bash}}. After Blastoise Mega Evolved as well, Charizard charged in using Steel Wing, but was hit hard by a {{a|Mega Launcher}}-powered {{m|Dragon Pulse}}. Charizard was then hit by Hydro Pump, but it quickly recovered and used Flamethrower. Flamethrower, however, was cancelled out by Blastoise's {{m|Power-Up Punch}}, but Charizard managed to stab Blastoise with a powerful Dragon Claw. Blastoise, however, was able to withstand the attack and used another Dragon Pulse to defeat Charizard.
In ''[[SS031|Mega Evolution Special II]]'', Charizard fought [[Steven's Metagross]]. It Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X and launched a Flamethrower which was countered by Metagross's {{m|Psychic}}. Metagross then Mega Evolved to Mega Metagross. Despite having a type-advantage, Charizard was overwhelmed by Metagross's attacks, while its attacks didn't seem to faze Metagross. After taking a {{m|Flash Cannon}}, Charizard hit Metagross with Dragon Claw. Metagross, however, wasn't fazed and struck Charizard with a powerful {{m|Meteor Mash}}, crashing it into a cliffside. Charizard was able to emerge from the stones and went for its Blast Burn. Surprisingly, Metagross had withstood the super-effective attack. When both sides went for Dragon Claw and Meteor Mash, [[Lysandre]]'s {{p|Pyroar}} interrupted the battle with Flamethrower.
While Alain, [[Mairin]], {{Steven}}, and Lysandre were in some ancient ruins and {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Rayquaza}} attacked, Alain sent out Charizard alongside Steven's Metagross. After Mega Evolving, it launched a Flamethrower and a now Mega Evolved Rayquaza quickly evaded the attack. Charizard got attacked by Rayquaza's {{m|Dragon Ascent}} and fell. Steven's Metagross tried stopping the fall, but Rayquaza's {{m|Draco Meteor}} forced the group to take evasive action.
In ''[[SS032|Mega Evolution Special III]]'', Alain sent out Charizard to protect the Megalith[[Giant Rock]] hovering over [[Primal Reversion|Primal]] {{p|Groudon}} and Primal {{p|Kyogre}}, and immediately Mega Evolved it into Mega Charizard X. Mairin took notice of Charizard and so did Groudon. Groudon started with {{m|Solar Beam}} which Charizard easily dodged. Steven's Metagross joined in and fought Kyogre as Steven pointed out to Alain that he could not protect the MegalithGiant Rock alone with Charizard. Charizard scored a hit with Flamethrower while Groudon countered with {{m|Precipice Blades}}. Charizard was able to dodge them all and destroyed the last one with Dragon Claw.
[[File:Alain and Charizard.png|thumb|250px|Charizard and Alain]]
When Groudon attempted to reach for the MegalithGiant Rock, Charizard stopped it by using Steel Wing on its hand. Despite covering Groudon with smoke, it was able to use Precipice Blades again and this time, landed a hit on Charizard. Charizard was dealt tremendous amount of damage from the Precipice Blades and was sent crashing onto some ice earlier created by Kyogre's {{m|Ice Beam}}. Alain ran to see if Charizard was okay and recalled it before the flame on its tail went out completely.
Charizard was later seen in the episode battling a Trainer's Mega {{p|Tyranitar}}, while being observed by Lysandre.