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:''"Huh? This dude? Yeah, he's been with me since before I started out on my island challenge. My partner. There ain't nobody in Team Skull who can beat my {{p|Golisopod}}. The rest of my [[party|team]], too. I met them all during my island challenge and trained 'em up as good as anything. ...Not that any of that matters now."''
:''"You'll meet Pokémon and people on your journey that'll enrich your life. Is that it? ...Geez. You really are old Hala's grandson..."''
:''"Who knows? Maybe kids like you can make the island challenge actually mean something again. Here. I don't need [[Grip Claw|this]] anymore."''
:''"Ho... Here it comes again. The winds of Alola are blowing again, bringing some new change."''