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'''Luis''' (Japanese: '''オード''' ''Aude'') is a male character that appears in ''[[M14|''White—Victini and Zekrom'' and ''Black—Victini and Reshiram]]'']]. He is a little boy currently living in a frozen region.
In the beginning of ''[[M14|Black—Victini and Reshiram]]'', Luis was out on the frozen tundra with his mother, village leader [[Glacine]], searching for [[Revival Herb]]s. His {{p|Lillipup}} had just found some under the ice when a giant iceberg crashed into the glacier he and his mother were on. Both ran for cover and they were almost rescued by the arrival of [[Donuke]]. However, his sled was flipped over by a {{p|Beartic}} and the three were trapped on a crumbling sheet of ice, with the iceberg still incoming. They were then saved by [[Damon]], who summoned [[{{OBP|Zekrom (|M14)|Zekrom]]}} to destroy the iceberg with {{m|Fusion Bolt}}. He was also seen in a flashback of Damon's in ''[[M14|White—Victini and Reshiram]]'', where he gives Damon a bottle of Revival Herb potion.
Luis was later seen in both movies with Glacine and Donuke, as well as the people of the desert village, who all came to [[Eindoak Town]] to show their support for Damon's idea. He was also seen in the ending credits with [[Luisa]].