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{{adv|Black}} demands that the [[Shadow Triad]] release the [[Gym Leader]]s. The Shadow Triad mock the 'wimp' that is Black, and {{p|Landorus}} sends him and his {{p|Emboar}} crashing towards a [[Nacrene Gym|Nacrene Museum]] wall. Three [[{{tc|Team Plasma Grunt]]}}s then report to the Shadow Triad, claiming that the [[Dark Stone]] is nowhere to be found. Thus, they close in on the defenseless [[Hawes]], threatening him if they find out that they raided the Nacrene Museum for nothing.
However, [[Lenora]], who is still being swirled around by the tornado like the other [[Gym Leader]]s, confirms the Dark Stone's location, and also tells the Shadow Triad that they destroyed the only possible means to access it - through a key that she holds, which is now bent out of shape; the key is the only means to get past an impenetrable door to her basement.