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Dragon Stones

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===Pokémon Black 2 and White 2===
N arrives at the [[Giant Chasm]] in response to {{p|Kyurem}}'s suffering at the hands of [[Ghetsis]], saving the player from [[Glaciate (move)|being frozen]] with {{p|Zekrom}}'s{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}'s{{sup/5|W2}} [[signature move]]. Anticipating this, Ghetsis uses the DNA Splicers on Kyurem, enabling it to revert {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}} back into the [[Dragon Stone|Dark Stone]]{{sup/5|B2}}/[[Dragon Stone|Light Stone]]{{sup/5|W2}}. Kyurem then absorbs the stone and [[Absofusion|fuses]] with it to form Black Kyurem{{sup/5|B2}}/White Kyurem{{sup/5|W2}}. After the player defeats the fused dragon, {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}} is freed and returns to N's side.
Once the player enters the Hall of Fame for the first time, N's Zoroark will stop blocking a cliffside path at {{OBP|Victory Road|Black 2 and White 2}} and will lead the player down to the ruins of N's Castle. Upon entering the castle, N requests that player head to the deepest chamber. In the throne room, N recalls the fateful battle two years ago and asks the player to battle him and his {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}}. After the player defeats him, N reverts his dragon into its primordial stone and hands it to the player, with instructions to bring it to [[Dragonspiral Tower]] in order to summon and capture {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}}.