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The three meet up with Noland and go through the Battle Tower where they find Anabel, mind controlled by Guile Hideout. Emerald eventually makes it to the top of the Battle Tower where he faces Anabel and loses to her powerful {{p|Raikou}}. However, Latios arrives in the nick of time to return Emerald's Pokémon to him, along with the Spirits Symbol they won at the Battle Palace. Anabel collapses from not being able to handle the mind control and Latios and Latias use their power to reveal Guile Hideout’s true identity.
Guile manages to make his wish; a giant {{p|Kyogre|sea monsterdemon}} is created from the water surrounding the Battle Frontier and attacks the island. The Battle Tower's "Disaster Prevention System" activates and the Hoenn Pokédex holders begin fleeing. Emerald accidentally gets stuck in one of the doors and is surprisingly rescued by Guile Hideout; however, this Guile is quickly revealed to actually be {{adv|Gold}} in disguise. Gold reveals that he and Crystal had come to help defeat Guile and free the Pokédex holders that were petrified at the end of the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}.
Gold gives Emerald the task of asking Jirachi for a wish to reverse the petrification of their senior Pokédex holders. Emerald attempts to get Jirachi to grant his wish but to no avail and becomes disheartened. Dejected, Emerald goes to train with Ruby and Sapphire to help his Sceptile learn the ultimate move, {{m|Frenzy Plant}} but is too depressed to focus. Emerald reveals his past to Ruby and Sapphire about how he obtained a Pokédex, got his mechanical suit, and how he got the mission to go to the Battle Frontier. Just as he finishes his story, their Pokémon finish learning the ultimate moves while Gold and Crystal fall on top of their training room, completely defeated by Guile.
Angered that Guile had hurt Crystal, Emerald attacks Guile but is easily sent flying by his sword. Guile taunts Emerald by stepping on his Pokémon; Emerald tries to get him to stop but Guile reminds him about his "liking Pokémon battles instead of the Pokémon themselves" philosophy. After hearing Guile insult his Pokémon and friends, Emerald angrily shouts that he truly does love Pokémon and the people who love them. His words cause Jirachi’s third eye to open and grant his wish to revive the petrified Pokédex holders. With their seniors revived, they join the fight against Guile and his army of Rental Pokémon. As they battle, Emerald comes up with a plan to defeat the giant Kyogre while Gold and Red manage to outsmart Guile and destroy his armor. After the plan is fully set up and Emerald successfully calming down the rampaging Rental Pokémon, the ten Pokédex holders have their Pokémon fire off the ultimate moves, {{m|Hydro Cannon}}, {{m|Blast Burn}}, {{m|Frenzy Plant}}, and {{m|Volt Tackle}} to finish off the giant sea beastdemon, once and for all.
With the monstersea Kyogredemon finally defeated, Emerald fishes Guile out of the water and forces him to reveal where he got the armor. After explaining, Guile finds his armor floating in the water and breaks free of Emerald’s grip to try to get it back but only finds that it was the fake armor Gold had worn earlier. Guile then disappears in a bright flash of light, armor and all while Emerald falls asleep from exhaustion; Latios and Latias, finally happy that Emerald has found friends, say their goodbyes and leave to Southern Island.
Later that day, Emerald wakes up from his nap and finds that his Pokémon have bonded with the other Pokédex holder’s Pokémon. The Frontier Brains come and thank Emerald for his help and he is given the Ability Symbol by Anabel. Emerald and the reporter quickly remember that there is only day left for his final challenge and they ask Tucker if he can schedule at tournament. Tucker explains that even though the Battle Dome was undamaged in the fight, there aren’t any people to hold a tournament; Red then comes up with the idea to host a Pokédex holder tournament, an idea Scott happily agrees to. Emerald is seen saying his goodbyes to Jirachi as it returns to its thousand year slumber once again. Emerald goes to battle in the tournament where it is shown that he managed to win the Tactics Symbol.
* The Magic Hands (Japanese: '''マジックハンド''' ''Magic Hand'') are a pair of fake arms attached to a spring. With these, Emerald can grabs objects from far away.
* Emerald owns a pair of platform shoes, which he uses to make himself appear taller than he actually is. In addition to their original purpose, the shoes can also store Poké Balls inside and turn into a {{wp|mizugumo}} (Japanese: '''水ぐも''' ''Mizugumo'') that allows Emerald to ski over the water.
* Emerald wears a green jewel on his forehead. This jewel is actually a core of the [[Jade Orb|Green Orb]] (Japanese: '''翠色の宝珠''' ''Emerald Orb''), an artificially-created Orb designed to control {{p|Rayquaza}} like the [[Colored orbs|Red and Blue Orbs]] control {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}, respectively. Due to its design, it has the ability to slightly control Pokémon.