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Ash's Charizard

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* Until the episode ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', Charizard only seemed to obey Ash when fighting another Fire-type Pokémon. It was obedient when battling against [[Blaine's Magmar]], {{DL|Mewtwo (original series)|Pokémon|Mewtwo's cloned Charizard}}, and [[Zippo]].
* It has become a running gag in the anime that whenever Charizard returns to Ash, it greets him by scorching him with its Flamethrower.
* Charizard is tied with [[Ash's Heracross]], [[Ash's Sceptile|Sceptile]] and [[Ash's Glalie|Glalie]] and his released [[Ash's Pidgeot|Pidgeot]] as capable of their [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolutions]], but has never Mega Evolved for the first time.
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