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====Acro Bike====
[[File:Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Acro Bike.png|thumb|200px|Artwork of the Acro Bike from {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}]]
{{main|Acro Bike}}
An '''Acro Bike''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|ダートじてんしゃ|Dāto Jitensha}}''' ''Dirt Bike'') travels at the same speed as regular Bicycles, but it also allows {{player}}s to perform tricks, such as wheelies and bunny hops, which let players reach special areas. It can also be used for traveling on white rails found on {{rt|119|Hoenn}} and in the [[Hoenn Safari Zone]].
Bunny hopping up and down on an Acro Bike in [[tall grass]] can cause [[wild Pokémon]] to appear, but does not count as steps towards the {{DL|Hoenn Safari Zone|Safari Game}} or [[{{cat|Repels|Repel]]}}.
Unlike the Mach Bike, if the player rides on [[Seaside Cycling Road]] with the Acro Bike, their time won't be recorded, due to the Bicycle being "easy to turn" in comparison.
|locoras=[[Rydel's Cycles]] (choice between this and the Mach Bike, can switch at any time by returning the other bike; both can be obtained after speaking to a {{tc|Hex Maniac}} in {{rt|111|Hoenn}}'s desert, a {{tc|Bird Keeper}} on {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, and a {{tc|Triathlete}} at the [[Battle Resort]])
|tcg=Acro Bike (Primal Clash 122)
|main=Acro Bike
====Mach Bike====
[[File:Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Mach Bike.png|thumb|200px|Artwork of the Mach Bike from {{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}]]
{{main|Mach Bike}}
The '''Mach Bike''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|マッハじてんしゃ|Mahha Jitensha}}''' ''Mach Bike'') allows {{player}}s to move a lot faster than regular Bicycles and the Acro Bike. It can move fast enough to ride straight up {{DL|bike obstacles|muddy slopes}}, or over [[Hole#Generation III|cracked tiles]] without falling through (which appear in [[Granite Cave]], the [[Sky Pillar]], and [[Mirage Tower]]{{sup/3|E}}) if the player has enough momentum. If the {{player}} collides with something, all momentum gained is lost and the speed resets.
|locrse=[[Rydel's Cycles]] (choice between this and the Acro Bike, can switch at any time by returning the other bike)
|locoras=[[Rydel's Cycles]] (choice between this and the Acro Bike, can switch at any time by returning the other bike; both can be obtained after speaking to a {{tc|Hex Maniac}} in {{rt|111|Hoenn}}'s desert, a {{tc|Bird Keeper}} on {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, and a {{tc|Triathlete}} at the [[Battle Resort]])
|main=Mach Bike
Bicycles are rarely seen in the {{pkmn|anime}} as {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are usually seen walking. The only time bicycles are used is when it is necessary to use them, such as on [[Cycling Road]]s, or for a faster way to get somewhere.
The first bicycle to appear was {{an|Misty}}'s bicycle in ''[[EP001|Pokémon - I Choose You!]]''. It was "borrowed" by Ash in order to escape from a flock of {{p|Spearow}}. The bike was then unintentionally destroyed when [[Ash's Pikachu]] released a {{m|Thunder Shock}} at the Spearow. Misty later re-obtained her bike from [[Nurse Joy]] in [[Viridian City]] in ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later]]''.
The act of Pikachu destroying a female companion's bike became a {{wpcat|Anime running gags|running gag}} in the two following [[series]] of the anime: {{an|May}}'s bicycle was destroyed in ''[[AG001|Get the Show on the Road!]]'' and {{an|Dawn}}'s in ''[[DP002|Two Degrees of Separation]]''.
Bicycles can be rented for use on Cycling Roads, as seen in ''[[EP036|The Bridge Bike Gang]]'' and ''[[DP038|One Big Happiny Family!]]''. Some characters do own bicycles, but are rarely seen using them. For example, {{an|Professor Oak}} used a bicycle in ''[[M02|The Power Of One]]'' to get to {{Delia}}'s house.
[[File:Bicycle Zensho.png|thumb|200px|A Bicycle in Pokémon Zensho]]
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
In ''[[ET02|Play Misty For Me]]'' of [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]], it was revealed that {{an|Misty}}'s Bicycle, which, like in the anime, had been accidentally destroyed by {{OBP|Ash's Pikachu|EToP}}, was custom built and worth {{PDollar}}10,000.
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{adv|Professor Oak}} usesused a bicycle to catchpursue the Pokémon that had escaped Pokémonfrom his {{TP|Professor Oak|Laboratory}} in ''[[PS002|Bulbasaur Come Home!]]''.
{{adv|Red}} participates in a cycling competition along [[Route]]s {{rtn|11|Kanto}} and {{rtn|12|Kanto}} in ''[[PS012|Wake Up—You're Snorlax!]]''.
{{adv|GoldRed}} competes with [[Whitney]]participated in a bikecycling racecompetition fromalong [[Goldenrod CityRoute]]s to{{rtn|11|Kanto}} theand [[National Park]]{{rtn|12|Kanto}} in ''[[PS105PS012|SmeargleWake SmudgeUp—You're Snorlax!]]'', andusing ''[[PS106|Howa Dobicycle Youreceived Do,in Sudowoodo?]]''.exchange Gold,for however,a alteredcoupon hishe Bicyclehad intogotten afrom pushthe scooter[[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]].
In ''[[PS241{{adv|DreadfulGold}} Dealingcompeted with Dusclops[[Whitney]]'', {{adv|Wally}} usesin a Machbike Bikerace thatfrom he[[Goldenrod findsCity]] atto the base[[National ofPark]] thein ''[[SkyPS105|Smeargle PillarSmudge]]'' toand ride''[[PS106|How quicklyDo overYou theDo, crackedSudowoodo?]]''. floorsGold, inhowever, orderaltered tohis scaleBicycle upinto thea push towerscooter.
{{adv|Diamond}},In {{adv''[[PS241|Pearl}}Dreadful andDealing with Dusclops]]'', {{adv|PlatinumWally}} receivedused Bicycles froma [[RadMach RickshawBike]] asleft afor signhim ofby gratitude[[Norman]] afterat histhe rescuebase fromof the [[TeamSky GalacticPillar]] into ''[[PS347|Ringquickly Aroundride over the Roseradecracked II]]''floors in order to scale up the tower. TheWhen trioWally wouldreached laterthe use49th theirfloor, newhe Bicyclesencountered toa travelwild through{{p|Dusclops}}, which created a {{wp|black hole}}, sucking in the Mach Bike before being defeated by [[SinnohEmerald's Route 206Sceptile|CyclingWally's RoadGrovyle]].
{{adv|Diamond}}, {{adv|Pearl}}, and {{adv|Platinum}} received Bicycles from [[Rad Rickshaw]] as a sign of gratitude after his rescue from [[Team Galactic]] in ''[[PS347|Ring Around the Roserade II]]''. The trio would later use their new Bicycles to travel through the [[Sinnoh Route 206|Cycling Road]].
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===
* In the [[Pokémon Gold and Silver beta|beta version]] of {{2v2|Gold|Silver}}, a skateboard was planned to complement the Bicycle.
* In [[Generation IV]], in [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop]], there are advertisements on the shelves for the Mach and Acro Bikes.
* The song ''[[Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Bicycle]]'' (Japanese: {{tt|じてんしゃ|Jitensha}}) from [[Generation II]] and {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} is a remix of the song ''[[Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Goldenrod City]]'' (Japanese: {{tt|コガネシティ|Kogane Shiti}}). Furthermore, the song ''[[Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection|Bug-Catching Contest]]'' (Japanese: {{tt|むしとりたいかい|Neshitori Taikai}}) from these games remixes parts of the song ''[[Game Boy: Entire Pokémon Sounds Collection CD|Cycling]]'' (Japanese: {{tt|サイクリング|Saikuringu}}) from [[Generation I]].
* In [[Generation V]], if the player runs or holds down the B Button, [[Non-player character|NPCs]] with bicycles will go faster.
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''Acro Bike''
{{langtable|color={{key items color light}}|bordercolor={{ruby color}}
|fr=Vélo Cross
|it=Bici Cross
|ko=더트자전거 ''Dirt Jajeon-geo''
|pt_br=Bicicleta Acro
|ru=Горный Велосипед ''Gornyy Velisoped''
|es=Bici Acrobática
''Mach Bike''
{{langtable|color={{key items color light}}|bordercolor={{sapphire color}}
|fr=Vélo Course
|it=Bici Corsa
|ko=마하자전거 ''Mach Jajeongeo''
|es=Bici de Carreras<br>Bici Carrera{{tt|*|Generation III}}
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