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Hoenn Route 118

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The route continues east, along a northern ledge. After passing through a large patch of grass, Route 118 comes to a three-way intersection. The northern path leads to {{rt|119|Hoenn}}, while the eastern path runs through another large patch of grass, before becoming Route 123.
Heading north from the intersection, a four-way intersection allows access to the upper areas that overlook the main path of Route 118. To the west is another Trainer, a small area of grass, and a [[soft soil]] patch containing two [[Sitrus Berry]] plants. To the east is yet another grass patch and a {{DL|Potion|[[Hyper Potion}}]]. Continuing north, the path becomes Route 119.
{{trainerentry|VSAroma Lady.png{{!}}150px|Aroma Lady|Rose|800<br><small>After acquiring the {{badge|Heat}}</small>|2|044|Gloom|♀|25||315|Roselia|♀|25||36=ヤヨイ|37=Yayoi|38=Nav}}
{{trainerentry|VSAroma Lady.png{{!}}150px|Aroma Lady|Rose|1,024<br><small>After acquiring the {{badge|Feather}}</small>|2|044|Gloom|♀|32||315|Roselia|♀|32||36=ヤヨイ|37=Yayoi|38=Nav}}
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