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After making it out of [[Petalburg WoodsForest]], wethe findgroup ourfind heroesthemselves in the urban center of [[Rinshin Town]]. {{an|May}} wantsis keen to godo some window shopping, {{Ash}} wants to get something to eat, {{an|Brock}} needs to stock up on supplies and [[Max]] is all for Pokémon hunting. The group decides to split up for the afternoon - May and Brock will go to the shops while Ash and Max gofind outsomewhere to eat. Meanwhile, [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTRTRT}} are working as manual laborers on a building site in the city, tearing down an old, disused mansion. The other workers are worried by what seems to be ghosts in the mansion. May drags Brock off to look at fashion and accessories. He's extremely bored. He would rather be buying medicine and ingredients for [[Pokémon food]], but May says that can wait. Eventually, he gets his stuff and they're walking through the streets when they hear a girlwoman mention a curse. May is instantly interested and eager to hear the tale of a haunted mansion. The woman explains that the property is known as the Green Lodge, whereand demolition workers have been quitting because of strange happenings. Brock gets scared, but sheMay insists on going over to check out the "haunted house".
After eating a burger, Ash and Max head off to the alleyways in the city, where they peer in looking for Pokémon and spot a {{p|Shroomish}}, who doesn't look too happy. Max wants to feed it and make friends with it, so Ash hands overhim some [[Pokémon food]]. Shroomish is suspicious and uses {{m|Stun Spore}}; causing Ash and Max quickly backto awayretreat. Afterwards, Ash takes out some of Brock's Pokémon food, stacks it on a piece of paper and sets it in front of the Shroomish. Shroomish still doesn't want to eat it, until {{AP|Pikachu}} jumps down from Ash's shoulder and takes a piece to show that it's safe to eat. Shroomish tries the food and loves it. Ash and Max are surprised because Shroomish is in the city instead of the forest, where it normally would be. They think it might have been separated from its {{pkmn|Trainer}} and maybe they should take it to a [[Pokémon Center]]. Max takes out a handkerchief and ties it around the top of Shroomish's head, as a gift. Shroomish is very happy with this. Max picks up Shroomish and they head off.
Brock and May are inspecting the hauntedGreen mansionLodge, and Brock comments that they really should let it go. May's still very excited about the prospect of ghosts, so she approaches the manor and Brock reluctantly follows her through the entrance gates. Ash,Soon Maxafter, PikachuAsh and ShroomishMax stop in front of anthe oldmanor mansionhouse after noticing Shroomish staring intently at it. They're spotted by {{TRT}}the Rocket trio, and [[Jessie]] and [[James]] immediately dropdrops the log they're holding to hatch plan to catch Pikachu. Meowth{{MTR}} is left holding the log, which quickly drops on top of him. Shroomish, still in Max's arms, gets very distressed and runs off. Ash and Max follow it. Shroomish goes into the mansion through a broken window. Ash and Max seefollow Mayafter andShroomish, Brockbut justthey outsidelose wheretrack Shroomishof wentand in,instead andfind they'reMay surprisedand toBrock meetstanding eachoutside otherthe therelodge. TheyA areman, explaining[[Alex]] whatapproaches happenedthe whengroup aordering manthem comesto upmove toon thembecause andof tellsthe themdemolition works. Max explains that they shouldwere notjust befollowing there.a HeShroomish, saysbut it'sAlex impossiblerefutes thatthe thereclaim couldentirely. haveHe beeninforms a Shroomish,the explaininggroup that whenthe heGreen wasLodge abelonged boy andto his {{TP|Alex|grandfather}}, ownedand he used to stay over and play with the mansionresident thereShroomish wereas a child. Alex claims the Shroomish everywherehave since disappeared because of Rinshin Town’s growing city blocks and his grandfather's passing. HeAlex lovedexplains playingthat withhe themis assimply aon kidsite to check on the demolition’s progress, but theystrange alloccurrences wenthave awaybeen ashampering theefforts. forestMay disappearedis keen to hear more details, but Alex replies that it’s just rumors. AshMax and MaxAsh insistagain affirm their story, so heAlex decides he'll have to go inside and see for himself. Theand the others follow him.
Inside, they find Shroomish sayingshivering "mish,by mish"one veryof the old sadlyfireplaces. TwoMax otherapproaches Shroomishto emergeattend andto theyhis allfriend startwhen talkingtwo other Shroomish emerge, also looking frightened. Pikachu goes to talk to them, while the humans decide that they must be upset because they'll have no home when the mansion is torn down. Team Rocket turnsarrives upby tocrashing trythrough tothe capturefloor. PikachuAfter reciting their {{motto}}, withJames theand helpJessie ofsend out {{TP|James|Cacnea}} and {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. As the confrontation is about to begin, the trio of Shroomish let out a cry. A whole herd of Shroomish stampedearrive, overquickly themfilling the room. Seviper knocks some of the Shroomish away with a {{m|Poison Tail}} and useCacnea Stunattempts Sporea {{m|Pin Missile}} attack. Afterwards,The AshShroomish seesare aunimpressed pictureand onfill the tableair andwith theya realizecloud it'sof Stun Spore. Alex leads the mangroup andoutside hisfor grandfathersome playingfresh withair, while Team Rocket are left paralyzed by the ShroomishStun Spore.
TeamOutside, Rocket decides they want revenge on the ShroomishAlex and get hold of another vehicle. This one is airtight to stop the Stunothers Spores.affirm They bashthat the mansionstrange to[[footprint]]s forceand allodd theoccurrence Shroomishare outbecause of the house,large thennumber pickof themShroomish upthat withcall the machine oneGreen byLodge onehome. TheMax firstadds Shroomishthat isthe angryShroomish and leads its comradesare in a Stun Spore barragepain, butand sincehe Teaminforms Rocket's vehicle is airtight, nothing gets through andAlex that includes fresh air. The Stun Spores go off towards the city,Shroomish butwant Brock'sjust {{TP|Brock|Forretress}}want headsto it offplay with ahim {{m|Rapid Spin}} attack. Jessie and James start feeling weird from lack of oxygen so Meowth openslike the windows.old This lets in fresh air, but also the Stun Sporedays. TheyAlex getadmits stunnedthat andhe thenshares alltheir the Shroomish use {{m|Leech Seed}} to tie them upsentiments. May'sAlex {{TP|May|Torchic}}formally burns through Team Rocket's giant net/basket with its {{m|Ember}} attackapologizes to free the other Shroomish., Afterwardsbut Pikachuhe usesadmits {{m|Thunder}}that tothe defeatdemolition Teammust Rocketprogress.
TheSuddenly, manTeam whoRocket ownsarrives on the mansionscene explainsto itget their revenge on the Shroomish, this time with a brand new [[Team Rocket's toomechas|mecha]]. lateThey tobegin stopramming the destructionlodge's walls, and the commotion leads all of the Shroomish to flee the building. HeTeam saysrocket he'llthen replantpicks up and the wholeShroomish, areatossing fullthem all into the capture net on the back of treestheir sovehicle. thereAsh willorders bePikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but Team Rocket’s machine is unscathed. The first Shroomish is angry and leads its comrades in a forestStun likeSpore therebarrage, wasbut beforesince Team Rocket's vehicle is airtight, nothing gets through and thethat Shroomishincludes agreefresh enthusiasticallyair. Ash,The MayStun Spores go off towards the city, but Brock's {{TP|Brock|Forretress}} heads it off with a {{m|Rapid Spin}} attack. Jessie and MaxJames wavestart goodbyefeeling toweird from lack of oxygen so Meowth opens the manwindows. andWhile this lets in fresh air, it also allows the happyStun herdSpore into the cabin. As Team Rocket feel the full effects of Stun Spore, Alex orders the Shroomish to attack with {{m|Leech Seed}}, and the vines beginning sapping away the Rocket trio’s energy. May's {{TP|May|Torchic}} burns through Team Rocket's giant basket with its {{m|Ember}} attack to free the other Shroomish. Afterwards Pikachu delivers a detonating {{m|Thunder}} to send Team Rocket blasting off.
Afterwards, Max asks about the fate of the Green Lodge again. Alex affirms that the mansion will still have to be demolished. He adds that he'll replant the whole area full of trees so there will be a forest like there was before, and the Shroomish agree enthusiastically. Ash, May, Brock and Max wave goodbye to Alex and the happy herd of Shroomish.
==Major events==
* [[Alex]]
* [[Alex's grandfather]] (flashback)
* Demolition workers
* [[Rinshin Town|Rinshin]] townspeople
*{{p|Cacnea}} ({{OP|James|Cacnea}})
*{{p|Shroomish}} ([[Alex]]'s; multiple)
*{{p|Machoke}} (Demolition worker's; x2)
* This episode marks the first of many times where [[Max]] befriends a Pokémon.
* This is the first "[[filler episode]]" in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}.
* When the {{p|Shroomish}} start grouping up, just after {{TRT}}'s attack, Jessie calls them {{p|Foongus}}, and James states they are {{p|Amoonguss}}. These names would later be assigned to two Pokémon of [[Generation V]], also based on mushrooms. Coincidentally, James would catch an {{TP|James|Amoonguss}}.
[[File:AG009 Error.png|thumb|200px|Cacnea's miscoloration]]
* [[James's Cacnea]] had the three dark green diamonds under its mouth and the four point shape at the top of its head colored black like its mouth when it was attacking the herd of {{p|Shroomish}}. It can also be seen for the top of its head during the first time the camera looks at Team Rocket after the start of the Stun Spore attack inside the mansion.
* In the first shot of {{an|May}} window shopping, the mannequins had heads. In the second shot, they didn't.
* When May sends out {{TP|May|Torchic}}, its voice is heard but its mouth doesn't move.
* The [ blurb for the episode] misspells {{Ash}}'s name as ''Ashes'' in the first sentence.
** This has since been corrected.
AG009 Error.png|Cacnea's miscoloration
===Dub edits===
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