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As {{Ash}} gently places his third [[Frontier Symbol|Symbol]] into place, [[Max]] checks his [[PokéNav]] and tells them that the nearest facility is the [[Battle Pike]], near [[Fuchsia City]]. {{an|May}} polishes her {{pkmn|Egg}} with {{AP|Phanpy}} watching nearby. They talk about the Egg and how long it took for Phanpy to hatch from one. May then lifts the lid on the container and gently places the Egg inside. A thunderous sound erupts as everyone looks overhead to sight an overpowering thunderstorm. A thunderbolt then sparks from the storm and explodes into the nearby mountainous region. Everyone dashes off into the distance towards the disturbance.
Coming out of the brush, Max sights several severely injured {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} which consists of {{p|Nuzleaf}}, {{p|Bellossom}}, and a few others. A strange sound comes from the bushes as they rush over to find an {{p|Elekid}} fighting an {{p|Exeggutor}} while May quickly queries its [[Pokédex]] data. Elekid starts rotating its arms at a high speed generating an enormous amount of energy and thrusts Exeggutor backwards. Going berserk, Elekid goes for another attack electrifying Exeggutor and [[fainting|knocking it unconscious]]. Ash attempts to stop Elekid but it just angrily launches a {{m|Thunder}} attack towards {{AP|Pikachu}}. The attack is avoided as Pikachu retaliates with an {{m|Iron Tail}}. Elekid dodges this attack and attacks quickly, sending an electrifying charge throughout Pikachu. Pikachu then recovers from the attack and thrusts towards Elekid with {{m|Volt Tackle}}, but the attack fails and Pikachu gets pushed back by Elekid. Elekid then dashes towards him with a {{m|ThunderPunchThunder Punch}} but {{AP|Phanpy}} intervenes and blocks the attack. Phanpy then performs a {{m|Rollout}} knocking Elekid backwards. This only angers Elekid more as its power greatly increases sending electrical bolts in every direction. Everyone dodges the attack but May drops her Pokémon Egg as Max takes a direct hit from the uncontrollable energy. Elekid then launches May's Egg into the air and on top of its head as it devastates the area destroying trees and terrain. The dust and smoke clears as Elekid has disappeared with May's Egg. After a few moments, May finally notices that Elekid has escaped with her Egg. Elekid tries to remove the Egg from atop his head but it is lodged between both of his ears.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is walking down a path when {{MTR}} spots an injured {{p|Scyther}} ahead. Elekid walks across Team Rocket's path as they devise a plan to capture Elekid. This plan is thwarted as Elekid begins rapidly spinning its arms and sends Team Rocket blasting off into the sky with {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}} being blasted in the opposite direction. Elekid manages to remove the Egg from atop its head. Ash and everyone is searching for May's lost Egg as Team Rocket begins searching for Mime Jr. Ahead in the path, Meowth spots the Egg that was lodged between Elekid's ears. While [[Jessie]] is excited with this find, James is still worried about Mime Jr.
Max then spots Mime Jr. in the path ahead, heavily injured, as Team Rocket sits atop a tree stump. [[James]] is increasingly worried about Mime Jr. and as soon as Jessie or Meowth mentions anything about the Egg, James fills with anger. Meanwhile, Ash and everyone is caring for Mime Jr. as it recovers from its injuries. Everyone is excited with Mime Jr.'s recovery as the search continues for May's Egg. Elekid crosses their path again as May notices that the Egg is not lodged between Elekid's ears now. Phanpy and Pikachu interrupt as Elekid begins the battle with a devastating ThunderPunchThunder Punch. Both Pikachu and Phanpy evade this attack as Phanpy responds with a Rollout, but is quickly sent flying backwards by Elekid's electrical energy. The battlefield erupts with a giant plume of smoke and dust with Elekid now gone from the area.
Team Rocket is still searching for Mime Jr. as an electrical disturbance sparks nearby and Elekid appears from the nearby underbrush. As James tries to dash towards Elekid, Jessie restrains him and Elekid dashes forward with another ThunderPunchThunder Punch sending Team Rocket blasting off again. In another location, everyone else is searching for May's Egg. Brock then recalls in the past with Pikachu being overcharged with electrical energy and notes that Elekid is in the same condition. A bolt of lightning erupts into the nearby ground as another bolt erupts from the sky and electrifies Pikachu. Pikachu begins the battle with a {{m|Thunderbolt}} as then a strange {{TP|Team Rocket|mecha|mechas}} comes thundering from the distance with Team Rocket setting the usual scene. May identifies that James has her Egg while James notices that May has Mime Jr.. James then rushes down as May and James trade for Mime Jr. and the Egg. James then returns to the mecha as a net is launched from the mecha with Pikachu dodging and electrifying the mecha.
The electrical charge is diverted as Phanpy rushes towards the mecha and thrusts into the mecha. Three bombs are then launched from the mecha as Phanpy deflects these with its {{m|Defense Curl}}. The mecha then attacks knocking Phanpy backwards while Elekid interrupts the battle. Elekid then tries to use Thunder as Pikachu then jumps atop Elekid and both Pokémon's Thunder is combined. The electrical gauge within the mecha slowly increases as Elekid and Pikachu increase the power which sends the mecha's storage power off the charts. As the meter reaches into the danger zone, Team Rocket's mecha explodes and is sent backwards. As the dust and smoke clears, Elekid's ailment seems to have been cured. Ash then tells Phanpy to use a Rollout attack to stop Team Rocket from obtaining Elekid and Pikachu but is sent flying backwards again. A mysterious light overtakes Phanpy's body as the [[evolution]]ary process begins to take place and Phanpy evolves into {{AP|Donphan}}. Donphan then rolls towards Team Rocket one last time with this force knocking Team Rocket's mecha towards the ground. Donphan then finishes the battle with a {{m|Hyper Beam}} sending Team Rocket blasting off into the sky for their third and final time.
With Elekid now returned to normal, everyonethe givesgroup bids Elekid an honorable departure as Ash inches ever so closer to the next big adventurefarewell.
==Major events==
* {{Ash}} learns that the next {{gdis|Battle Frontier|III}} facility is the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pike}}]] near [[Fuchsia City]].
* Ash's {{p|Phanpy}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{AP|Donphan}} and learns {{m|Hyper Beam}}.
* {{p|Phanpy}} ({{OP|Ash|Donphan}}; evolves)
* {{p|Donphan}} ({{OP|Ash|Donphan}}; newly evolved)
* {{p|Elekid}}
* {{p|Exeggutor}}
* {{p|Scyther}}
* {{p|Bellossom}}
* {{p|Elekid}}
* {{p|Seedot}}
* {{p|Nuzleaf}}
* This is the only episode in which {{Ash}}'s {{p|Phanpy}} is voiced by [[Kayzie Rogers|Jamie Peacock]].
* {{AP|Donphan}} remains outside of its [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} for the entire episode.
* This is the last episode so far that {{AP|Pikachu}} uses {{m|Thunder}}.
* This is one of the few episodes where {{TRT}} blasts off three times.
* {{so|Battle Frontier}} is used as background music.
|zh_cmn={{tt|嚇人!驚人!電擊怪!|Startling! Frightening! Elekid!}}
|da={{tt|Sammen vender vi strømmen!|We'll turn the tide together!}}
|nl={{tt|Tegen de stroom in|Against the Current}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Courant electrique|Electrical currents}}
|he={{tt|מטען חורג|Excess baggage}}
|hi=बेकाबू Elekid {{tt|''Bekaboo Elekid''|Uncontrollable Elekid}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|it={{tt|Pericolo, alta tensione!|Danger, high-tension!}}
|ko={{tt|난폭한 에레키드|Violent Elekid}}
|pt_br={{tt|Invertendo as Cargas|Reversing the Charges}}
|ru={{tt|Заряженый Элекид|Charged Elekid}}
|es_la={{tt|Cargas de electricidad|Loads of electricity}}
|es_eu={{tt|Descargando electricidad|Downloading electricity}}
|sv={{tt|En rejäl urladdning!|A hefty discharge!}}
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