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Professor Sycamore

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In the games
He feels disappointed when [[Lysandre]] reveals himself to be the boss of [[Team Flare]], but turns to his network of acquaintances to try to stop the villainous team's plan. He sends [[Dexio]] and [[Sina]] to the [[Lysandre Labs]] in order to investigate Team Flare's interest in [[AZ]] and how to thwart their plans.
At [[Couriway Town]], he will apologize to the player for not preventing what Lysandre had done. He then challenges the player to another battle to test how far they have come in their journey. After being defeated, he informs the player that he has a special surprise for helping stop [[Team Flare]] and leaves. Once the player has beaten the Pokémon League, he leads a parade for the player in Lumiose City, where he awards them and their friends with the {{key|VI|[[Honor of Kalos}}]] for their heroics.
Later, he tells the player to meet him in Lumiose Station, where he gives them a ticket to [[Kiloude City]]. After {{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}} is defeated in Kiloude, Professor Sycamore will upgrade the player's [[Key Stone|Mega Ring]] in [[Anistar City]] so that they can detect hidden [[Mega Stone]]s from 8 PM to 9 PM.
'''Parade at Lumiose City''' (after entering [[Hall of Fame]])
:''"What an amazing turnout! All of these people are here to celebrate your achievements. I'd like to present you with the {{key|VI|[[Honor of Kalos}}]] for the bravery you showed battling Team Flare! I'm so proud of you all! On behalf of the entire Kalos region, I'd like to say... Thank you!"''
:''"[[AZ|His]] {{p|Floette|Pokémon}} was waiting all this time... Waiting for him to return to the man he was. The man who loved Pokémon with all his heart."''
:''"It's relationship to the Mega Ring isn't understood at all yet."
:''"Now, let's get down to the heart of the matter!"
:''"<player>! Try touching the sundial!"
* After Touching
* After touching
:''"You were exposed to the Legendary Pokemon's energy in Team Flare's secret HQ."
:''"And the Mega Ring has absorbed the power of the sundial."
{{Itemlist|Blastoisinite|[[Lumiose City]]; if {{p|Squirtle}} was chosen|X=yes|y=yes}}
{{Itemlist|HM Flying VI|[[Coumarine City]]; Seaside Station|X=yes|y=yes|display={{HM|02|Fly}}}}
{{Itemlist|Honor of Kalos|[[Lumiose City]]; after entering the [[Hall of Fame]]|X=yes|y=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Oval Charm|[[Lumiose City]]; after completing the Kalos Pokédexes|X=yes|y=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Shiny Charm|[[Lumiose City]]; after completing the [[National Pokédex]]|X=yes|y=yes}}