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The '''Poké Radar''' (Japanese: '''ポケモントレーサー''' ''Pokémon Tracer'', '''ポケトレ''' ''Poké Trace'' for short) is a [[Key Item]] in {{g|Diamond and Pearl|s|Diamond, Pearl}}, {{v2|Platinum}}, {{pkmn|X and Y|X, and Y}} that is used to seek out [[wild Pokémon]] hiding in tall grass. Its most notable use is to increase the probability of encountering the normally extremely rare [[Shiny Pokémon]].
==In the core series games==
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In all games that it appears in, the Poké Radar is obtained after receiving the [[National Pokédex]].
As the chain length increases, the probability of finding a Shiny patch also increases, up to a certain maximum. After reaching this maximum, the player no longer needs to attempt to increase the chain, and can simply recharge and reset the Radar over and over until a Shiny patch appears.
====In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum====
[[File:Bag Poké Radar Sprite.png|frame|right]]
The Poké Radar is obtained from [[Professor Rowan]] in his lab immediately after receiving the [[National Pokédex]] from [[Professor Oak]]; however, he will not explain how it works very thoroughly. In {{game|Platinum}}, once the player talks to Dawn/Lucas's sister about [[Pokémon outbreak]]s, Dawn/Lucas will give a more practical demonstration on {{rt|202|Sinnoh}}.
One of the functions of the [[Pokétch]] is to {{DL|Pokétch|Trainer Counter|display the current chain}} and the three best chains made so far.
=====Shiny probability=====
[[File:PokéRadarShinyProbability IV.png|thumb|right|The formula for the probability of a patch being Shiny]]
<nowiki>*</nowiki>A chain length of 0 is the first use of the Poké Radar, and the Poké Radar cannot force a Pokémon to be Shiny at this point (which would result in a flashing patch)<!-- add Smogon link sometime-->; however, the patches still have the default 1/8192 chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon.
=====List of Radar-exclusive Pokémon=====
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====In HeartGold and SoulSilver====
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The Poké Radar is not normally obtainable in the main game; however, a primitive version of the Poké Radar exists on the bundled [[Pokéwalker]].
When used, four patches of grass will appear on-screen, one of which will randomly display a '!' symbol for a short period of time. If the player successfully selects that grass patch before the '!' disappears, then either a battle with a wild Pokémon will begin or there will be a delay and another random grass patch will display a second '!'. Again, if the player successfully selects the '!' patch before it disappears, a battle may begin or a third patch may display '!!'. Yet again, if the player successfully selects the '!!' patch, a battle may begin or a fourth patch may display '!!!'; the fourth patch will always start a battle should the player reach that point. Patches with greater numbers of exclamation points indicate rarer wild Pokémon; the mechanics and precise timing required may be considered a primitive form of chaining.
====In X and Y====
After being absent in Generation V, the Poké Radar returns in Pokémon X and Y. It is received by the player once he or she has defeated the Elite Four, by talking to the male {{tc|scientist}} on the top right of the second floor of Professor Sycamore's Lab in [[Lumiose City]].
Chains and other specific mechanics are believed to be similar to that of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum; differences include the possibility of more than 4 patches of grass shaking at once, as well as the possibility of a grass patch failing to contain any wild Pokémon at all (thus automatically breaking the chain). It has also been verified that the Poké Radar music can change to a more upbeat tune; this is believed but not proven to increase the Shiny encounter rate. More exact details are currently unknown.
=====Poké Radar Researcher=====
The scientist at the Pokémon Lab will give items depending on the player's highest chain length of the Pokémon he requests data of that day. The player can earn more than one item at once, but each different item is only given once per day.
===Flavor textDescription===
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{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev4|DPPtHGSS}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable in HGSS}}<br>{{gameabbrev5|BWB2W2}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable}}<br>{{gameabbrev6|XYORAS}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable in ORAS}}<br>{{gameabbrev7|SMSMUSUM}}{{tt|*|Unobtainable}}|A tool that can search out Pokémon that are hiding in grass. Its battery is recharged as you walk.}}
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