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Greenstation Town

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Greenstation Town is the place {{TRT}} set up a phony competition of [[Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle]] that served as a front for both a Pokémon-stealing operation as well as a Team Rocket recruiting ploy. In the process, criminal duo [[Azure]] and [[Crimson]] managed to steal the already-stolen Pokémon out from under Team Rocket's nose, only to later be apprehended by an undercover [[Officer Jenny]].
Many of its buildingbuildings are at least two levels high, featuring dark -green or brown brick corners to complement the walls largely white colourcolor of the walls. Its curved streets are fully paved with large, round, pavers.and Evergreenfully treespaved; and busheslined linewith theevergreen streets.trees Manyand of its streets are curvedbushes.